Is the Subversive Christian takeover of IIT Madras near completion?

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A message that is taking rounds in social media says that there is a systematic and methodical manner in filing available vacancies in higher educational institutions like prestigious and popular Madras IIT.
A facebook message said “If too many things are coincidental, they are not coincidental. Jane Edwards from Nagercoil is the IIT Registrar now. Robinson became the chairman of the Engineering unit, Koshy Verghese is Dean of Administration, Ligy Phillip is the Dean Planning, Rebecca is the hospital CMO and Scariya is Acting CSO.
Were all these postings coincidental? Ur free to believe that. Look at the consequences: The entire housekeeping and campus cleaning activities -reminder campus is more than 600 acres- which was earlier handled by local Self Help Groups have now been contracted to "Creations" from N'coil which hires predominantly Christians from their region only. No tender, no discussion on reason for such a change, no clarification of why a company from 700kms away had to be brought to heart of Chennai displacing local poor workers. Can you imagine the scale of funds being diverted?
Jane Edwards is filling all the positions with Christians only and also specifically from her region. Jane also forcibly stopped the residents who were caring for animals and brought in "Jeeva Karunya Trust" from where else but N'coil for the feeding, sterilization and RFID of the stray dogs. Again, there was no tender, no process, nothing. But why bring an outside organisation to the home of Blue Cross and that too to handle what has been taken care of for years by volunteers already?
Academicians and nationalists are asking why and how HRD/CG allowed this to happen despite being in power since 2014. This reminds us that IIT comes under the Ministry of Education (earlier HRD Ministry) of central government. Earlier we had Christians and left ideologies been included in our educational system. Now they are trying usurp in taking over the IIT? This face book message, sources claim, is true after they cross checked its veracity.
The Corona pandemic and Center’s cutting the channels of funds from foreign countries has badly affected Christian missionaries. They are even struggling for meeting their daily needs if one goes to believe the statement of Bishop of Evangelical Church of India (ECI) Ezra Sargunam, a staunch DMK supporter and ‘Hinduphobic’. He is known for his rants against Hinduism. In a video message the pink ribbon wearing Sargunam says “We have not been getting any cash offerings from our members. Particularly there was no Baptism, communion, thanks giving, and intercession and vesper ceremonies. There is no aradhanai (prayers) it means no growth for churches. The missionaries or who dedicated to do service are decreasing. During the four month period there is no Baptism ceremonies. Not only in Tamil Nadu, it is the same condition in all over Bharat. We are in a bad situation. It could be due to Corona pandemic. I think our members would make payments generously soon which they have saved or kept aside for Churches and its services. We will be back as we have been. ”
This explicit statement clearly proved that they are struggling for funds even from their community members. They could not get funds from foreign countries due to the restrictions on NGOs. The Christianity, which structured on funds, are dancing and may crumble if the same situation continues. Their Dasma Pagam (one tenth of income of members) a compulsory paying is also affected. Like a saying “When you remove burning log or off the fire, the boiling will stop”, Modi government’s actions had badly hit them.
When probed what was the reasons for a video saying the dwindling of such ceremonies and offerings, the truth is that they wanted to get several crores donations from a particular political party which they had been supporting. In a demand from Sargunam group to this the party leader, the leader is learnt to have retorted by saying “my father had helped you in several ways. That is why you could build 15,000 churches and we know how much money you had received. This time my party loses the election, the loss will be not for me but also for you. I have to come power to check mate the Modi and keep him shut. Realize the realities. The loss will be yours also”. After failing to get favorable response from the party, Sargunam has made this video and circulated to get wide publicity. It is a sort of blackmail tactics, say people who are privy to them. DMK MP, KaniMozhi has been speaking to pastors seeking pardon her since they have no funds to spare, as they are out of power for over a decade and all savings have gone in meeting expenses all these years. She allegedly asked them to contribute to the party”. Now the priests or pastors who used to meet her very often, are now avoiding meeting or taking call from her and the party.
Vlogger Maridhas points out that during the DMK regime (2006-2011) in Chennai alone , nearly 10,000 crore funds from abroad was pumped in. He said “DMK government had permissions were given to build 12,000 to 15,000 churches. Can they given details how many Hindu temples were built or given approvals during the same period? On what basis did the DMK give approval to build more than 15,000 churches? Is it secularism for DMK? Claims it as secular party and wants a secular nation. But why this particular religion was pampered at the cost of Hindus?
Did DMK ever asked why they receive such huge funds and for what purpose? Did they do any auditing and sought explanations from them? Why a self-proclaimed secular leader did allow a particular religion to carry their religious propaganda fully unchecked? Did they ever voiced or condemned their conversion activities? I am asking you to condemn such things. But why should you abet them in their activities?”
Ezra Sargunam , who is known for his deep –rooted hatred for Hindus and a penchant for church planting, said last year ‘ There is nothing called as a Hindu religion, punch them in their face couple of times, make them bleed and help them understand the truth” He is a controversial evangelist in Tamil Nadu and a crook . He has been all tricks in his bags to prove that Hindu religion does not exist. “During a census operation in British era, the officials coined the term ‘Hindu’ to differentiate they were not Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Buddhist. For him Hinduism is an “artificial religion”, and for political gains during the polls, everyone was “ Hinduized”.
“ Swamy Chidbhavananda once said a Dravidian movement is a time bomb set by the church to destroy Hinduism. It has successfully tried in the past in several occasions in creating and propagating false history that combines Dravidian race movement with evangelical campaigns. “In Tamil Nadu evangelical missionaries wield enormous clout” says a video from the Swarajya Standard.