Co-Founder Larry Sanger calls Wikipedia “a huge moral hazard”, says that the website is turning into a ‘monocultural establishment organ of propaganda’

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Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has many times spoken against the modus operandi of the online encyclopaedia. In his recent interview with Tanujay Saha, the PhD candidate at the Princeton University, Sanger called Wikipedia a “huge moral hazard”.
Sanger said that the website has started the process to centralise the internet. Wikipedia claims that it gives a neutral point of view, but in reality, they have a point of view. He has made it clear that tech giants are trying to control the narrative and it is really important to decentralize the internet.
According to him, Wikipedia has become more opinionated and partisan. It is one among the most popular anonymous website and anonymous persons can be easily corrupted by the government and criminal enterprises. He also said that credible sources are becoming narrower in Wikipedia. The Academia, which is more inclined to the left, vetoes any of the articles or narratives that challenge its intellectual hegemony.
Larry Sanger is rolling out a new initiative called ‘Encyclosphere’, a global network of encyclopaedias, which will set standards for encyclopaedia articles. Through ‘Encyclosphere’, Sanger is trying to create a decentralised network which will provide an equal platform for all to express knowledge.