#Chidakasha: The space of Consciousness

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Everything we observe occurs in space and is a manifestation of space. All things originate in space and are inherent in space. Nothing comes from outside of space as all things are defined by space. Even time is perceived as movement in space.
This means everything we observe is a quality of space. Space is the matrix of all potentials. Different objects in space are different formations or densifications of space. Space is never empty but full of all possibilities and actualities in the forms of subtle particles, matrixes, vortexes and chakras. Yet the only type of space that can hold all such potentials is a space of mind and consciousness, not one of matter, energy or even light.
Such Consciousness Space, Chidakasha, is not what we ordinarily consider as space. Space holds universal energy and life, the field of Shakti in Vedic thought, said to be an electrical force and vibration of cosmic sound arising from Consciousness itself, #Chitshakti.
This supreme space, which is called #Akasha or a field of illumination in a Vedic sense, is defined as Chit, Atman and Ananda, Consciousness, Self-awareness and Bliss. It is the ultimate space of healing and inner transformation.
May you discover your true Self in that boundless space of awareness, in which your mind is but a wave!