PFI training camp at Periyapattinam busted by Tamil Nadu Police

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Tamil Nadu police have busted a clandestine terror training of Popular Front of India (PFI) at Periyapattinam in Ramanathapuram district on November 23.
Special branch team led by Ramanathapuram district Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Murugesan on Monday night while on patrol found a group of people engaged in arms training at a tin-roofed tent. On questioning, the persons who were getting training, said that the popular front of India (PFI) was imparting training to them. It is a five-day training, and it was the 32nd batch.
Thirupullani police have registered a case against unlawful assembly violating corona pandemic restrictions.
A source in the District anti-terrorists and fundamentalists monitoring wing said it was not a serious one. It is a routine training camp. "This time it was because of pandemic 144 restrictions, arrests were made. There is nothing to worry or to be feared or to be taken seriously" he said. This wing which was supposed to monitor and report took it casually is a serious concern for all. The police's apathy and turning nelson eyes to such things, particularly to PFI, which is a banned outfit and off-shoot of SIMI, is an extremist Islamic outfit. It is the successor to the National Development Front (NDF). It has often been accused of its involvement in anti-national and anti-social activities. It has links with Manitha Neethi Pasarai, Karnataka Forum for Dignity. It is a multi-state organisation. It has various wings to cater to the different sections of society, including National Women's Front and the Campus Front of India. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is the political wing of the PFI.
Hindu Munnani District secretary K Ramamurthy, in a statement, sought a detailed probe into the training by PFI. He said earlier posts took legal action against persons from other states who took part in the training. Ramamurthy wanted the police administration to take seriously considering their arms are training a threat to nation and state's security. Their illegal arms training at the coastal areas arouses suspicion. VHP, BJP and Hindu Munnani leaders demanded a probe by NIA which would bring out the truth. " TN police are treating them as VIPs and are scared to touch them. Even complaints are given, no action was taken. At the same time, the TN police are keen to take actions against us if a Muslim prefers complaints" they pointed out.
District police Superintendent E Karthi pooh-poohs the training by taking it very casually. He told media persons that it was their annual training camp. It is religious, skill-based and physical fitness training we have arrested them this year, as it was held defying Covid-19 norms and without permission from us.
Mohamed Raisudeen, vice president of Muslim Rashtriya Manch said PFI conducted training at a coconut grove belonged to a private entity near Syed Oliyullah Dargah in Periapattanam. He told your correspondent "It is the 32nd beginners training camp and it began on the 20th of this month. All the participants were aged between 20 and 25. It is not a first-time such training is being held. In 2013, more than 30 persons from Assam, Kashmir, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and other states, who were taking training along the coastal belt, were arrested. These training camps could not be visible to all. None could venture into the camp areas. Nobody knows what was going on inside the camp. It is like a fort. No outsiders would be allowed during the camp period. Almost the area is inaccessible to the public and others. Only PFI or its cadres are allowed. The camps are being conducted in a secret manner. The camps are being conducted regularly with the active support of the police. Periyapattinam Panchayat is in the hands of PFI. It helps them to organise such camps: Panchayat chairman Mrs Akbarjan Beevi, Panchayat Union. Vice-chairman S Burose Khan, councillor S. Bairose and others are members of PFI and SDPI. PFI is controlling the two fishermen societies. Mrs Akbar Jan Beevi's son Askar Ali is the vice president of one such fishermen society. To celebrate the first victory in local body elections, recently they opened a marble stone plaque saying "Periyapattnam is the first Islamic capital in Tamil Nadu". The Hindu outfits removed this stone inscription from the walls of the Panchayat office. PFI has been acquiring government lands illegally in the name of Panchayat. They set up a playground using government funds. The revenue officials did not do anything to prevent their land-grabbing spree. The cadres of PFI are doing night patrols carrying iron rods. Whoever raises their fingers against PFI are rounded up and threatened with dire consequences besides foisting false cases. Crores of revenue that are coming from Fishermen cooperative societies are being utilised for terror training camps. In Centre sponsored Jal Jeevan scheme, it is alleged, misappropriation of funds to the tune of 75 lakhs was reported. Such funds were diverted to PFI's clandestine activities. They have the active support of Village Administrative Officers (VAO), Block Development Officers (BDO) and other government officials".
" We appeal to the government to cancel the Jal Jeevan tender and issue fresh tender notifications. Periyapattinam is an example of how outfits like PFI misuses village panchayats and societies to further their own interest and swindling crores of Central and state government funds. A beautiful Periyapattinam village which is surrounded by sea, dense coconut grooves with a thick green cover, has now become an important National level training centre for fundamentalist's forces. It is becoming Kashmir in the South. In the name of yoga and fitness, youths from various states are given arms and bomb doing training. These are against the nation and police forces. Using loopholes in the acts, they remain untouched. We request the state and Central government to order a high-level probe to retrieve it from the fundamentalist's groups like Kashmir was saved. It should be proved that Periapattnam is in Bharat only not in Pakistan, and actions should be initiated against all officers who are turning blind eyes to their illegal activities. An honest SI should be posted to Thirupullani Police station and be given free hand and support to take action against PFI. All jobs and tenders should be subjected to an independent audit to find out irregularities in it" he said.
Bala Gauthaman, the founder of Vedic Science Centre, said it was the 32nd beginners' camp which meant 31 camps were held earlier. They should have also conducted advanced camps too. Police named only a few in the FIR leaving others. Why did not mention all the arrested persons' names? Whom they want to protect is the first question. Are there any persons from other states and to hide their identity and other details? Why should the police do this? In the nearby village, a Hindu community temple was objected to playing music through loudspeakers and songs by the PFI. On August 15 at Pudumadam when the National Flag unfurled at the school compound, some elements raised a thread with sleepers and put restrictions to Hindu fishers for fishing. It is a clear reflection of intelligence and other police officers, including local and district. All these years they have not bothered or turned blind eyes to such nefarious activities reasons better known to them. They let it become another Kashmir. This is a dangerous thing. A known sensitive village was not kept under surveillance by the intelligence sleuths. This series of happenings are a clear indication that Periyapattanam is becoming a Kashmir in the south". Despite SC orders, in Tamil Nadu, all the mosques are still using cone speakers.
Police and intelligence agencies do not have any inputs or knowledge about their training and what is happening in this coastal village. They can't escape merely by saying it is a routine physical fitness training and nothing to get panicked or feared. A probe by NIA would unravel the truth.
He recalled that five or six years back, arms training camps with participants from West Bengal, Assam, Bihar were exposed. Now the training at the same place. Muslims tried to encroach lands belonging to Dharma Devathai (Goddess for Virtue) temple at Pudumadam and Sethupathy Chatram. This was given up after Hindu outfits protests.
In 2014 at R K pattanam village, SI Kalidas shot dead a terrorist involved in a dozen criminal cases when he tried to stab him. The next day the state government went to the slain terrorist house to offer 5 lakh compensation and a job to his family. But SI Kalidas, who happens to be a Hindu, was fined 2 lakh and sentenced to life sentence by a court. When Wilson SI was killed by terrorists, the state government gave 1 crore to his family. Notably, the four nabbed in Wilson's killing case are yet to be punished.
Periyapattinam is a Muslim dominated village. Here Sharia rules are in force. Melvisharam in Vellore district, Mela Palayam in Tirunelveli district, Kottaimedu in Coimbatore district among the other cities, where outsiders, police cannot enter. Non -Muslim or candidates from BJP and AIADMK are not allowed to campaign during elections. In one such village, they illegally levy taxes on people coming to sell goods either by a person or in vehicles. After protests from Hindu outfits it was withdrawn, but no one was arrested. Now the state has a considerable Rohingya and Bangladesh illegal migrants population working in various parts of cities with active support of local Muslims with necessary forged identity documents. TN is sitting a ticking live- time bomb that may explode at any time.