New Zealand MP Dr. Gaurav Sharma Takes Oath in Sanskrit

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 -Ganesh Puthur

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Indian origin doctor, the newly elected New Zealand MP Dr Gaurav Sharma created history by taking oath in the Sanskrit language inside the New Zealand parliament. Dr Sharma is the Member-elect of the Kiwis parliament from Hamilton West, where he fought on a Labour Party ticket. He first took oath in the Maori language- indigenous to the New Zealand followed by Sanskrit.
Dr Sharma becomes the second parliamentarian, outside India, to take oath in Sanskrit. The first was Chandrikapresad Santokhi from Suriname who took oath in Sanskrit while holding Bhagawad Gita. Following this incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had personally congratulated Mr Santokhi.
The news of Dr Sharma taking oath in Sanskrit has made the global Indian Diaspora proud and also, the 'oath-taking video' is widely being shared on social media.