Sewa International receives award in recognition of community service during COVID-19

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Sewa International, an Indian-American non-profit organisation, has been awarded a USD 50,000 Love Takes Action award from the New York Life Foundation, for its relentless efforts towards community service across the United States during the Covid-19.
The grant will support the underserved community in Harris County, Texas, by providing food kits, distributing personal protective equipment (face masks), hand sanitisers, along with offering education and study-related entertainment support to school children, reported agencies. 
Arun Kankani, the president of Sewa International, was one among 35 community members from the US who demonstrated exceptional public service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This is both exciting and humbling, Kankani said in a statement. "We take the principle of selfless action seriously, and our volunteers embody the spirit of Nishkama Karma (working without seeking the fruits). This award is a recognition of the spirit of our volunteers.” He added, “I am just a humble and formal recipient. I thank the New York Life Foundation for recognising the work we do and for the spirit in which we do our work.
Ramesh Cherivirala, a local New York Life agent and a supporter of Sewa International nominated Kankani, for the award as “he embodies the value of selfless love”.
"I know firsthand how much good work Sewa volunteers do and have observed the discipline and diligence with which Arun Kankani leads Sewa International,” he added.
“I am thrilled that my proposal is one of the 35 chosen for support by the New York Life Foundation, and I am excited about the good work that Sewa International will do using the grant money, Cherivirala said.
Sewa International began as a movement in 1993 to engage the Indian Diaspora worldwide. It encouraged the non-resident Indians to remain connected with their roots through contribution to humanitarian causes locally and in India, especially in times of natural calamities. The movement has spread its wings worldwide to more than 25 countries now.
In India, Sewa International was established in 1997 as a registered non-profit trust, based on the Indian ethos of ‘Service before Self’ and “World is One Family”. Since its inception, Sewa International is relentlessly serving humanity in distress irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion, race or region.