Charity needs a big heart not deep pockets

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A Madurai alms-seeker has donated Rs 2.10 Lakh to the Chief Minister’s Covid-19 Relief Fund, driving home a message that one need not be a crorepati to do charity  
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Vagabond Pool Pandian, the native of Aalankinaru village in Thoothukudi district, studied up-to class 1, is eking out living by mooching. Born with silver spoons, he was forced to beg as his two sons refused to look after him, left with no option Pool Pandian went to Mumbai.
This year, around March, he came to Tamil Nadu and stranded in Madurai due to Corona pandemic. Pool Pandian told media persons that "I have been staying in KakkalPadiniyar Corporation Girl's Higher Secondary School where Corporation provides food for us. Seeing the plight of the poor due to Corona, I wanted to part with the money I had by begging to Covid-19 pandemic relief measures. Tamil Nadu people are very generous, who do not want people to be hungry in front of their eyes. On May 18, I gave Rs.10, 000 to the District Collector. On November 4 on my 20th visit, I have given another Rs.10,000 to the District Collector Anbazhagan" So far this vagrant donated Rs.20 lakhs".
Despite living in penury, the 68-year-old Pandian has been donating since May, to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund to aid the efforts to tackle the pandemic. This tramp can be found clutching two cloth bags, one contains a towel, a dhoti, tumbler and plate to eat and in the other bag he keeps the money. He can be seen seeking alms at the Central vegetable and flower market at Mattuthvani for a bigger cause.
This saffron-clad mendicant said "Late Chief Minister Kamaraj was a school dropout, but he had implemented free education scheme and introduced midday project to stop children existing studies in the middle due to poverty. His efforts help lakhs of students to pursue education. I was impressed upon his efforts. I want to donate whatever little mite I have. It is the only thing that keeps me going. I also donated mats, chairs, blackboards and stationery items, water purifiers to government schools in Thoothukudi, Thanjavur and Pudukottai districts.