True Indology Doesn't Understand That Caesar's Wife Must be Above Suspicion

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Agrah Pandit

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Twitterati, tweeple, webkoofs, lend me your ears;
Let's bury True Indology's memories, not praise him.
The recidivist should not have committed the familiar crime once again. One fails to grasp True Indology's pathological compulsion to make Indians revel in the wonder that was India. One wonders why the hell he didn't heed to the advice of Anand Ranganathan that he should tender notarised apologies to all those hurt by his superior arguments. Those hurt persons, after all, are always honourable men.
Moreover, what is the need to disturb the status quo by challenging the mafia-like grip of Left-Islamists over the intellectual-cultural space? Yeah, he is rightly suspended for his thought crime. He should never attempt to counter eminent historians or popular mythologists or powerful bureaucrats. They must be above suspicion. After all, they are honourable men.
This time, TI's crime is that it responded (okay countered) to the claim "…there is no mention of crackers in our epics and Puranas. Crackers came into this country with Europeans. It is no core tradition or custom related to Hinduism." He should not have countered this by showing references from primary texts like Ananda Ramayana and Skanda Purana. Furthermore, TI should not have refused to divulge personal details, which became the ultimate trigger point in a "Your time is up" response both— literally and digitally. Otherwise, an academically rich discussion, it became a monologue of justifications with TI's elimination. Yes, the rightful response for his crime of conscience.

A Habitual Offender
This is not the first time his Twitter account is suspended. Last time, his account was suspended when he refuted the claim of a tweet saying that Rig Veda proclaims that 'cow is food', not that 'cow is mother'. The successful refutation was responded with flooding of the timeline of TI—a self-proclaimed cow-worshipping vegan Hindu— with images of cow slaughter; cows skinned alive, dead cows, etc. There were general anti-Hindu comments too of killing Sanghis and eating their curry as they do with cows. He responded it with an innocuous hope that such people who celebrate such blatant display of animal cruelty be washed away in flood. And boom.
His account was suspended, thanks to mass reporting of his tweet. Twitter reasoned its action that TI had engaged in the "targeted harassment" and an "attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else's voice". Targeted harassments? Dear Twitter, TI didn't go to other's timeline, trolls came to him who posted those pictures and threatened his life. However, if Twitter says it was targeted harassment by TI, then it must be correct. After all, Twitter is an honourable platform.
This was in April 2019.
But that was not his only crime before or since then.
A habitual offender as ever, he has committed the crime of speaking against what he sees is distorted history. But yeah, he should not have had.
He should not have spoken, for instance, against the Left peddled lie that Sher Shah Suri had built Grand Trunk Road and introduced and standardised rupya for the first time. He should not have referred to 4th century BC book Indica by Megasthenes that talks about 1800 KMs royal road connecting Hindukush to Pataliputra, and the silver rupya as mentioned in Arthashastra and superior gold coins of Samudragupta existing to this day. Sher Shah Suri, after all, was an honourable ruler.
He could have avoided refuting the claim that numerous mosques like Deval masjid were an example of Hindu-Islamic architecture by pointing out that Muslim rulers destroyed the temples and built mosques over it. He could have kept mum when the last Hindu king Hemu's Samadhi was illegally converted into a Muslim dargah. He should not have busted the claim that the Marathas "attacked" Tirupati temple by referring to Tirumala official website.
He should not have busted the claim that during the Mughal time, kite-flying became a sporting event by referring to verses of 13th-century poet Namdeva. He should also have not demystified the myth of Birbal and Akbar; claim that Mughal emperor Akbar invented the modern Bengali calendar. He should not have busted the claim that the festival of Rakhi originated during the Mughal period as did Indian music and most musical instruments.
Interestingly, the above is just a fraction of instances when TI busted the myth (which he should not have had). It is good that thousands of such facts and arguments have been lost to us by the latest action of Twitter. After all, how dare you happen to win an argument every time with the eminent historians? How dare he attempt to disturb the status quo and the monopoly over 'the truth' by repositories of truth? After all, are we not the nation (sorry, not the nation but land) where every good thing is traceable to Delhi Sultanate, the Mughals and the British? Doubtless, they were honourable empires.
TI must have joined the celebrated left-liberal lobby of historians when they brush aside the claim of reputed American historian Will Durant "The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history". He should also have listened to Marxists when they sermonise that there never existed any conflict between Hindus and Muslims before the British. He also should have listened to Percival Spear, and Romila Thapar that supposed intolerance of likes of Aurangzeb is nothing more than a hostile legend. Why didn't he get co-opted by the secular narrative of them? After all, the likes of Percival Spear and Romila Thapar are honourable historians.
He should also have ignored the well-made fact by the likes of J.T. Sunderland, British-born American Minister who asserted that on the eve of British raj: "Nearly every kind of manufacture or product known to the civilised world—nearly every kind of creation of man's brain and hand, existing anywhere, and prized either for its utility or beauty—had long been produced in India. India was a far greater industrial and manufacturing nation than any in Europe or any other in Asia." Yeah, taking pride in our great civilisation and the human feat is a crime as is countering the propaganda.
How dare did TI rummage through the official court chronicles and primary texts for truth! How could anyone quote the painstaking research by historian KS Lal that Indian subcontinent's population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate) that is before a single Mughal set foot in India? And why didn't he listen to our first Prime Minister Nehru who considered the induction of Hindu women in Muslim harems as the cradle of composite culture? Why did he not join the bandwagon of India's own brand of negationism which never talks about, for instance, the forced ousting of the entire Hindu population in 1990 from Kashmir while Kashmir was advertised as an example of communal harmony by Left-Liberals? Needless to repeat, Left-liberals are honourable men.
I get to hear that TI was a great source of knowledge and alternative history (a history that was not History with capital H). But few eminent bureaucrats and historians say he was a fraudaulogy.
So it must be, for they are honourable men.
Notwithstanding, my heart is in the exile there with True Indology,
And I must pause till it comes back to me.