Love Jihad: Bajrang Dal workers foil Jihadi’s trafficking bid, rescue Hindu girl with the help of RPF

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Bajrang Dal workers have foiled a woman trafficking bid and rescued a Hindu girl from Love Jihad in Odisha. Sabir Ali from Murshidabad (WB) enticed a Hindu girl from Odisha into a relationship and abducted her to West Bengal by train. However, the timely intervention of a group of Bajrang Dal Karyakartas saved her life after they intercepted both of them with the help of RPF.
Bajrang Dal Karyakartas caught Sabir at Jajpur, Odisha while fleeing with the girl to West Bengal and then Dubai.
Sabir is said to be a ‘professional Love Jihadi’, who fakes his identity to trap girls in ‘Love Jihad’ and sells them in Dubai. His original name was revealed only when he reluctantly showed his passport to the police and the Bajrang Dal Karyakartas. As per the statement by Shabir Ali, in front of the RPF, he admitted that he is already married and has two wives. Ganjam Police and RPF also confiscated Visa and Passport from him.
According to the local sources, Sabir had trafficked with two other Hindu girls out of Odisha and their whereabouts are yet to be known. Sabir was working as a civil craftsman in a remote village, where the majority of the population is Hindu.
Sabir trapped the girl posing himself as a Hindu boy who returned from Saudi due to Covid19. He succeeded to take the girl almost near West Bengal border by train. Sabir insisted the girl wear the burqa for concealing her identity. This brought suspicion in the mind of the girl.
Shabir brought the girl to Bhubaneswar in a car. From there, they travelled in Puri Howrah Express to West Bengal and from there he was planning to take her to Dubai from there, said a complaint by the parents of the girl.