Narendra Modi holds tele talks with Biden; both pledge to push shared values, cooperation in Indo Pacific

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New Delhi: A stronger Indo-US bond is the reality of the present time. In first courtesy tele talk since the election of Joseph R Biden or Joe Biden as the President-elect of the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation on Tuesday with him.
Modi warmly congratulated President-elect Biden on his election, describing it as a testament to the strength and resilience of democratic traditions in the United States.
The Prime Minister also extended his heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Vice President-elect Senator Kamala Harris.
The Prime Minister warmly recalled his earlier interactions with Mr Biden, including during his official visits to the United States in 2014 and in 2016. In fact, Biden had chaired the Joint Session of the U.S. Congress that was addressed by the Prime Minister during his 2016 visit.
The leaders agreed to work closely to further advance the India-U.S. Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership, built on shared values and common interests, according to an MEA statement.
The leaders also discussed their priorities, including containing the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting access to affordable vaccines, tackling climate change, and importantly the enhanced "cooperation" in the Indo-Pacific Region.
Much has been said about Mr Modi's friendship and personal rapport with Donald Trump, but foreign policy, as a rule, is between two or more nations and mutual national interests would decide the course of progress.
In the changed circumstances, a stronger Indo-US bond will be critical vis-a-vis the global situation and expansionist designs pursued by some forces especially China.