Self-Defence for Self-reliance

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Along with inculcating values of respect for the other gender, there is a strong case for formulating a ‘National Girls Self-Defence Policy’ to empower women physically so that rising crimes against them can be curbed 
-Dr Rahul Jain

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Recently, after a gap of several decades, the draft of the new National Education Policy of India has been laid, which calls for radical changes in the education system and many significant changes have been made in relation to the future of students. This will help determine the new direction of the country. However, an important and mandatory policy is desperately needed. That is ‘National Girl Self-Defence Policy’.
The technological revolution has created many frustrated, mentally-ill people in society, along with ease of human life. Blind pursuit of Western lifestyle is also a significant cause of loss in the moral values of society. According to the National Crime Records Bureau data released on 30 October 2019 for the year 2017, the number of crimes against women has been recorded at about 359,849 this is 6 per cent more than the previous year 2016. Today's security situation is not hidden from anyone. Girls have to live their entire life in the shadow of unwanted fear due to lack of knowledge and necessary security measures. In the past years, grave crimes with girls and women are heard. It is worth noting in these incidents that many victimised women were unable to defend themselves even after being highly educated.
Seeing these crimes heart cries and asks that Rani Laxmibai, Rani Avanti Bai, BaisaKiran Devi, Rani Durgavati, Rani Chennamma and innumerable adventurers whose valour and courage we feel proud to remember proudly in our history, is this the same land of India? Their principle of 'Yatra naryasthu pujyante ramante tatra devata' is considered.
Hindu society has suffered the most atrocities in history. For centuries, there has been a miserable attempt by foreign invaders to restrict the role of women in the four walls of the home on our motherland. According to their culture, they have done injustice to the women of India by treating them as a mere object of enjoyment. History has shown that due to these looters, the women of India have been forced to go to jeweller many times to protect their self-esteem, but they never compromised with their dignity. Such unique examples are rarely seen anywhere else in the world.
Women of our society have always played an essential role in the running of families and country. The contribution of Jijabai, mother of Shivaji, flag bearer of the concept of Swaraj, was indelible. Then, what happened today that our women power is facing problems in protecting themselves from the demons hidden in society?
Because of all these problems, there seems to be a need for a comprehensive national girl self-defence policy throughout the country. Under which training programmes should be implemented thoughtfully and compulsorily for the protection of every girl. In the name of just formality, it should not be limited to schools and colleges in some states. For programs such as special programs for education is being run in schools. Likewise, there is a need to implement female security on a war footing.
Along with this, by instilling a sense of love towards the nation in programmes related to moral education, compulsory in all schools, the seeds of the feeling of respect for girls and women should be sown from childhood itself. In such programmes, programmes related to role-playing, self-study of glorious history, compulsory yoga - meditation education can be organised.
In the initial phase of the school itself, compulsory should be implemented in the circumstances of judo, audio-video, and protection from external attack in adverse conditions, first aid and overall development of sports activities. The primary purpose of which is to make girls mentally empowered and successful.
Self-defence training will also empower others to help others when faced with an unexpected odd situation. If we analyse severe crimes against women, we will find that if they had prior training or knowledge in self-defence then the crimes committed with them, the chances of it happening could have been much less.
Major nationalist women's organisations such as Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Durga Vahini and other social organisations in our country are continually trying to awaken the overall development and confidence of women. There are various undertakings of women's physical security, education, intellectual development and morale-boosting. In which various programs related to girls and housewives are organised, with the aim of significant participation in national works as well as transferring cultural heritage to the new generation.
If we analyse severe crimes against women, we will find that if they had prior training or knowledge in self-defence then the crimes committed with them, the chances of it happening could have been much less
We must learn lessons from the atrocities committed by foreign invaders for hundreds of years and the inhuman acts of women and girls in the tragedy of partition of India. It is possible that there would have been a lack of awareness and resources in the situation at that time, due to which they would find something unable to protect themselves. The present government can provide an invaluable gift of protection to the girls and women of the country by making a mandatory law in this direction. Although the Central Government has introduced some schemes, but right now, the nation needs a comprehensive policy.
Such a moral atmosphere should be created in the society that criminals will tremble with their consequences even before casting a grudge against girls or women! Today, the worship of Durga Shakti form along with Ladli Lakshmi is needed to protect women honour, self-respect and culture. If India is to become self-reliant, first of all, the faith of self-protection must be instilled in the girls of the country; only then the nation will be strong and prosperous.
Women power is considered as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and a part of Adishakti. The world is in motion. The main aim of awakening and organising the same power in the work of nation-building should be the National Girl Self Defense Training Policy.
(The writer is a Convener of Vivekananda Kendra, Vidisha (M.P.))