Tamil Nadu: Islamist outfit launches 'Jail Baro' agitation to release terrorist

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Organiser Weekly has carried a story on how Al -Umma terrorist slain Imam Ali was eulogised in newspaper advertisements, now India Desiya League Katchi ( Indian National League Party – INLP) has announced a jail baro agitation to release terrorist Basha from Coimbatore jail. A Anjumane Himayathe Islam has issued an advertisement inviting Muslim youths to join police force assuring of free training using the government emblem. Another advertisement from an Engineering college in Ramanathapuram says no fee for SC, ST, converted Christian students? A Kirana shop owner is publicly saying he won't sell flour packet idly to a Muslim who joined BJP. And calls him 'Sanghi' which means BJP and Hindutva supporters.
TN AIADMK government and police's apathy or part of its minority appeasement policy has emboldened them to violate the law of the land blatantly. During pandemic, the state government did everything possible to keep the minorities in good humour at the cost of Majority Hindus. During electioneering, candidates from BJP or from its allies would not be allowed to canvass votes in Muslims localities. Periapattinam in Ramanathapuram district, Mel Vishram in Vellore district, Kottaimedu in Coimbatore, Melapalayam in Tirunelveli, Needur, Therazhandur in Mayailaduthurai districts are some of 'Mini Pakistan' in the state where the Sharia law is unofficially in force. Police never venture into their places even if there is a complaint. No drum beats, no Hindu god procession in the streets where mosques are located. Recently they protested to remove BJP flag pole in front of a mosque. Still, they use the cone-shaped speakers despite SC orders.

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       Poster announcing jail baro agitation for premature release of al umman terrorist kovai basha
In their own soil, Hindus become persecuted, and their rights are oppressed. In the Western Ghats, it is reliably learnt, Muslim youths are getting arms, explosive, guerilla combat training with the help of Naxals and Maoists.
In a video that has been going viral in social media, a Kirana shop owner, a Muslim, refused to sell rice batter to a fellow community man. "Somebody is trying to make peace with them. To that, the shop wala said he had joined BJP. I won't sell to sanghis. They are bad. No integrity. Even If I make lose I won't sell goods to such people. The one who wanted to buy batter, I am not seeking an alliance where only people look for such things. I am here to buy with money. What troubles you? You are doing business at a Mosque. You should not refuse to sell goods selectively. The Kirana owner did not change his stand. The buyer said he aroused my anger and prestige. I won't buy anything hereafter from his shop". In Kangeyam, Muslims were advised not to buy mutton from Meesai Palanisamy Muttan stall (moustache Palanisamy Mutton stall) at Market . it says "in that shop there is no halal but haram only". It was put up by 2018 Jamaat on October 3.
On September 29, newspaper advertisements were inserted to observe the 29th death anniversary of terrorist Imam Ali, who was behind the Coimbatore serial blasts and Cheput RSS headquarters bomb blasts. Now INLP announced a jail baro agitation on October 16 urging the government to release Al Umma terrorist Kovai Basha. He was a dreaded terrorist and was responsible for several bomb attacks in which hundreds of hindus were killed. Earlier DMK government led by Karunanidhi had arranged for premature release of Coimbatore serial blast accused using its special power. INLP wants the government to release Basha bai using the same power. Hindu outfits have been resisting their move. INLP says Basha Bhai, who has been in prison over 20 years, be released considering his age.

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                             Police recruitment - Anjumane Himayathe Islam advertisement calling muslim youths
Indian National Tawheed Jamaat president S M Bakkar and South Chennai District secretary in a protest meeting held on October 1 threatened to pull down Ram Mandir and RSS headquarters at Nagpur. Police are yet to take note of their speeches. Their video is going viral in social media, and complaint has been lodged by Vellore Ibrahim.
In Chennimalai, famous for handloom bedspreads, one of the four Temple car streets, a Muslim has opened a biryani shop. Normally no non-vegetarian food stalls are allowed in the four streets where the Temple car is taken out. Hindu munnani cadres spoke to the owner of the shop, who refused to change the location and was adamant in doing business there. Hindus feel it is a deliberate attempt to instigate the Hindus.
An advertisement has been inserted in social media with a government emblem. It says, "Tamil Nadu government invites 381 Muslim youths to serve in the police department. Our Muslim fraternity. It is our quota which we have to fill up. Do not miss the opportunity. Educational qualification 10 std. Age limit: 18-26 years. apply online www/tnusrbonline.org
Test fee only 130/- uploading begins on 26-09-2020 and ends on 26-10-2020 written test on 13-12-2020

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                 Dindugal Rowthar briyani centre and fast-food outlet at Chennimalai West Raja street. in the
                 vicinity of Hindu temple
Even at community services Anjumane Himayathe Islam , Khadar Masjid, Gandhi Market, Trichy 8 Cell 9952468185, 9791189111 and 9843057868.
Earlier, someone running a biryani stall in front of the main entrance of the Amman temple which was removed after the protest. In Chennai also, next to Vinayagar temple, a Muslim opened a biryani shop, and his customers eat the same in front of the temple making the place a garbage dumping yard. They threw left overs and bones. The priest closed the temple by putting a notice board narrating what was happening. After the intervention of the local MLA the shop was removed.
Following complaints from people and trader, authorities, after convening an all-party meet, asked people belonged to three jamaats not to collect any fee from traders, in Tenkasi district Vadakarai. It is coming to light too, traders, pushcarts, mini lorries, lorries, vans and people carrying vegetables on their head were asked to pay entry tax by Jamaat people. This illegal collection was going on for some time. The Panchayat Union said it had not authorised or given tender to collect such fee. In the receipt, there was no government emblem. In this village, Muslims are the dominant community. They showed partiality in the collection of the fee. Muslims were allowed without an entry fee. On behalf of the three jamaats, coconut trader Mohammed got the collection rights in an auction for Rs1.5 lakhs. This amounted to Jazia tax which Aurangazeb had collected from Hindus who refused to convert to Islam. The tehsildar Roshan Begum, Sub- Inspector of police Suresh Kumar, Vadakarai Panchayat Union Executive Officer Murali and other officials conducted a meeting in which no fee should be collected and asked them to hand over the receipt books. They were left scot-free. No case has been filed against them for this illegal act.
A famous college in Ramanathapuram ( Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Educational College has put up a venomous admission advertisement. In that, it had assured that SC, ST and for those who converted to Christianity no educational fee. Ie. Fee waiver. "What tenacity they had? Won't this encourage conversions? One has to propagate its religion by encouraging conversion? Why this disgracing attitude? Asks netizens. Association of Small Tweeter Accounts @ Jokingly tweeted "this college is run by a Muslim man's trust, and several faculty are Christians. It claims to be a non-minority college". Another twitter @makes Point suggested, "take benefit and after this again convert in Hinduism ( there is no police to stop reverse conversion".

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                 Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR Educational college advertisement saying no fee for converted
                Christians and ST, SC.. The last one is terrorist Kovai Basha is being taken to hospital for check up
Mission Kaali in a tweet (@missionKaali), said "Illegal concession: Converted students get free education at this college! Murder of Hindu culture happens right in front of our eyes. Don't blame anyone BUT YOU!".
"Within Tiruneveli city limits, we can see a lot of Christian run educational institutions. In the city, there are seven higher secondary schools; four colleges are functioning. No other city one can find such mushrooming of Christian educational institutions. These are fully aided college that they are getting funds from the state government with the freedom to recruit teaching and other staff of their choice and its student enrolment. For the back of envelop calculation, at least 100 teaching staff plus non-teaching staff at each school works out 700 in the hands of dioceses. They never follow the 69 per cent reservation both in recruitment and student admission. In the case of colleges, a minimum of 1100 to 1400 faculty members was recruited without any reservation norms. Imagine a total number of educational institutions in their hands all over the state. All future vacancies should be filled by the government by adopting 69 per cent reservation norms" urges Tirunelveli district VHP.
In Kanyakumari district, at Yettakkodi Panchayat union. MGNREGA Worker's are being forced to convert to Christianity. Hindu Munnani has preferred a complaint to police with video evidence against Panchayat Union president Hephzibah. She compels the workers to do prayers before the start of work.
Will TN moving to a new dawn and back to anarchy? A genuine question raises among the hapless Hindus.