Stepping forward in times of Health crisis. Sewa Bharti, Telangana leads from the front during COVID-19

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Sewa Bharti, Telangana, has been at the forefront, providing COVID-related relief to citizens since March 2020. With a large volunteer base coming from various backgrounds, this team has been active during the lockdown and currently during unlock.
Activities during Lockdown-
During Lockdown, Sewa Bharti provided free ration distribution to the slums, basti's, facilitated transport of migrant labour back to their homes by arranging buses, food, health drink (Kada), and refreshment distribution at various centers across highways in the state. In a single large effort, about 300 Swayamsevak's co-ordinated the departure of migrant labour from 4 railway stations in the city of Hyderabad in a single day.
Activities post Lockdown-
Post lockdown Sewa Bharti got involved in the Medical care side, setting up a 14 X 7 telemedical helpdesk for COVID patients. The Call center was possible due to the support of 100+ volunteer doctors who provided their service for over 3 months and continue to do so. The idea of medical tele counseling was to help patients with mild symptoms manage themselves at home so that there is no pressure on the public health system. To this end, Sewa Bharti provided home isolation kits to patients with required medicine for 14 days. The COVID kits were given to people who cannot afford the cost of the medicines. The kit contains a finger Pulse Oximeter, a digital thermometer, medicines, and vitamins, etc. Sewa Bharti went a step ahead and built collaboration with Hospitals to guide patients to the right hospital to get medical care. The team stepped in to negotiate medical care costs were needed. Innovating further, the team arranges counseling sessions with Psychiatrists and Yoga and Pranayama sessions daily to all patients.
A significant focus of the medical efforts was on vulnerable populations like migrant workers, nomadic tribes, rural populations, etc. Sewa Bharti services reached out to 3000 villages in the state.
To share the work done and to recognise the Doctors and Volunteers, Sewa Bharti on October 4,2020 organised a review called "Covid-19 Doctor's and Volunteers interaction with Shri. Bhagaiah (Jt. Sec. RSS)."
Speaking on occasion Shri. Bhagaiah said that "Doctor is another name of God" and praised the commendable services of the Doctors and volunteers for their services during Lockdown and unlock periods. The web conference was attended by more than 200 participants. Shri. Bhagaiah talked in length about the challenges created by the new untouchability situation and cited his personal experience on the selfless services being provided by the doctors. He also cited the discipline and regime that is needed to be followed while fighting the virus. He insisted on adhering to taking the medicines, recording data, sharing data with personal physicians doing yoga, pranayama, etc.
He expressed his deep regard and respect to the Doctors and health workers for risking their safety and serving COVID affected patients during this testing period. He said this service is the perfect example of "Manav Seva Madhav Seva." He also praised the family members and parents of the doctors, as without the support of the families of the doctors and health workers, this kind of selfless service would not have been possible.
Shri. Bhagaiah complimented Sewa Bharti volunteers who went out to each of the Mohalla and bastis for serving the needy with home isolation kits. He suggested the team to build and share preventive techniques to help the society. Shri. Bhagaiah urged Sewa Bharti to focus on malnutrition as it hampers the growth of the child. Similarly, he stressed the need for psychiatric counseling for improving the mental health of people.

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During the session, Doctors spoke about their volunteering experience. Dr Praveen Chintapanti who, along with Dr.Veda Prakash designed the program, gave an overview of how the operations were conceived, planned, and executed. He thanked all the Volunteer doctors for their selfless service. Dr. Praveen said Sewa Bharti ‘s service reached to the vulnerable sections of society which was the whole intent of the initiative. He mentioned Sewa Bharti ‘s service desk had supported 10,000 patients during the past 3 months. He expressed satisfaction that beyond support on call, the teams also helped patients in the hospitalisation process.
Dr Veda Prakash talked about medical challenges faced by Doctors' with respect to the protocols to be followed to tackle the disease. He said Coved is unchartered territory for the medical professionals. He mentioned that Doctors from different practices, ages, and experiences agreed on a unified protocol and guide the patients. He praised the technological infrastructure that was put in place by Sewa Bharti in a short time that acted as a force multiplier and helped in managing large numbers of calls. He thanked all the doctors from different specialties for their willingness to learn and support the patients. Few other senior doctors in the panel like Dr. Raghavendra Rao, Dr. Karuna, Dr. Jayesh, Dr. Sravan shared their experience. Dr. Raghavendra Rao mentioned continuous learning was the most important thing for Medical professionals during this pandemic.
Ms. Bhavana, one of the beneficiaries, shared an impact story on how the Sewa Bharti COVID call center helped her and her family in recovering from the pandemic and how helpful the volunteer doctors were. She explained the anxiety in the family when 13 members of her family got COVID.
Shri. Beerappa, who was leading the 90 volunteers who worked 18 hours a day, shared the volunteer experiences. The volunteers who came from different backgrounds quickly learned the procedures, protocols and managed the larger volume of calls. The volunteers went beyond the call of duty to help callers reach the right hospital by coordinating with the hospitals.

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Vasu Ji, Prant Seva Pramukh Telangana gave an overview of how the society gathered together in times of such crisis in facing the COVID challenge. He also spoke about the recognition bestowed by the Central Government on Sewa Bharti as the best NGO during the Covid crisis. Shri. Vasu talked about the next steps Sewa Bharti should take to make this service long-standing and sustainable.
Shri. Rama Murthy Prabhala, Secretary, Sewa Bharti, Telangana, thanked all the corporates and individuals who provided financial support for the noble cause. He also mentioned about the capacity of Sewa Bharti in taking up new challenges.
Dignitaries present in the call were Mananiya Shri Bhagaiah Garu, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Saha Sar Karyavaah, Shri Nagaraju Garu Dakshina Madhya Kshetra Sangha Chalak, Shri Dusi Ramakrishna Garu, Dakshin Madhya Kshetra Saha Sangh Chalak, Shri Dakshina Murthy Garu, Telangana Prant Sangha Chalak, Shri Sundar Reddy Garu Telangana Prant Saha Sangh Chalak, Shriman Pannalal Bansali ji, Rashtriya Sewa Bharti all India President, Shriman Rishi Pal Dadewal ji Rashtriya Sewa Bharti all India Vice President, Shri Durga Reddy Garu Sewa Bharti Telangana President and Secunderabad Vibhag Sangh Chalak, Shri. Devendra Garu, Prant Pracharak, Telangana, Shri. Aekka Chandrasekhar Garu, Dakshina Madhya Kshetra Seva Pramukh, Shri. Vasu Garu, Pranta Seva Pramukh.
Rashtriya Sewa Bharti has also been selected as India’s best NGO that extended timely help to migrants during Covid-19 crisis
The award was constituted to salute the invincible spirit of corona warriors who have led the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.
On the Gandhi Jayanti Day, the Healthgiri Awards 2020 to honour corona warriors was conferred to Sewa Bharti. The Healthgiri Awards 2020 is the reincarnated version of India Today Safaigiri Awards, held annually on Gandhi Jayanti.
"It is fitting that this is happening on Gandhi Jayanti," Prime Minister Narendra Moi said in his letter to India Today Group for honouring Corona Warriors with 'Healthgiri Awards'. He added, "Bapu's ideals of selfless service are reflected in the way our healthcare workers are serving the nation tirelessly."
"May the 'India Today Healthgiri Awards' ceremony encourage all to take inspiration from our Corona Warriors and further strengthen our efforts to stay safe and save lives. My heartiest congratulations to all the award winners on the occasion," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his letter to the India Today Group on Friday.
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The awards were given across nine categories including: Best State in Combating Covid-19; Best Celebrity Contribution in Spreading Awareness; Best Far-Reaching Corporate Contribution for a Wider Social Impact; Best Testing Facility; Best NGO or other Entity that Extended Timely Help to Migrants; Best Innovation for COVID-Related Activity in Times of the Pandemic; Best Logistics Services Provider; Best NGO or Other Entity Offering Healthcare Services; and Best Health Manager. The virtual awards ceremony was attended by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare.
Sewa Bharti is a non-government, non-political, non-profiting voluntary organisation established in the year 2001. Since its inception, the organisation has been devoting its skill knowledge and commitment the society with a group of experienced and trained social workers.
The major objectives of the Sewa Bharti include providing immediate relief to the victims of natural calamities, road accident, etc and rehabilitating victims of calamities, assisting and educating orphans and the poor etc.
Following the clarion call by the RSS Sarkaryavah on Ram Navami, Sangh Swayamsevaks and members of the affiliated organisations are rendering selfless service across the country as per the advisories issued by the authorities.