Now, a Christian matrimony portal for converted ‘Brahmin Christians’: Evangelists aggressively promote a separate ‘Brahmin Christian’ identity

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If you thought Christianity is a ‘casteless religion’ and Brahmin, an exclusive Hindu caste, you are mistaken. Evangelists -- who have been spearheading an anti-Brahmin campaign in South India by co-opting Dravidian outfits -- are found to be aggressively promoting a separate ‘Brahmin Christian’ identity among converted Hindus.
Of late, an ‘exclusive Christian’ matrimony portal has come out with a Brahmin-Christian matrimonial website to cater to converted Brahmin boys and girls. The website says: “Angel Matrimony was founded to help people find happiness by redefining the way Christian brides and Christians grooms meet for marriage”. (s/c) The site promises to ‘find a perfect Brahmin Christians life partner from your Brahmin Christians community’. It boasts of having ‘millions of Brahmin Christian matrimony brides’.
According to observers, this is part of evangelists’ policy of ‘salami slicing’ wherein they separately target social groups in the Hindu society to wean them away from the Hindu fold. “The evangelists indulge in ‘salami slicing’ of Hindu community. They are slowly hijacking and digesting the Hindu community. Evangelists provide logistical and financial support to aggressive and violent tribal and Dalit movements in India. Flush with funds, they exploit fault lines existing in the Hindu society and aggravate social schism,” said a research-scholar.
Evangelists have made huge inroads in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is a well-known fact that Sonia Gandhi-led UPA had allowed Christian missionaries and foreign-funded evangelical NGOs to operate freely across India, especially South India. Large chunks of the Hindu population in South Indian states have been converted to Christianity during the ten years of the UPA.
In a viral video that surfaced sometime ago showed a Christian pastor claiming that during the DMK regime in Tamil Nadu the Church had managed to push its agenda in the school curriculum. The Church and the Dravidian parties are on the same page on many issues, including anti-India and anti-Brahminism.