A Dirty Picture

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The recent developments after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput have put the spotlight back on the villainous acts of the people associated with Bollywood
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(L to R) Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Singh and Shraddha Kapoor
have been summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for questioning
The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has opened up the pandora’s box of Bollywood. We are hurt & struggling to understand why the Entertainment Industry of our country would have connections with Mafia and anti-nationals! But, for anybody that belongs to the industry, these revelations were not new. A friend in a fraternity has narrated this layer by layer peel off to me. Bollywood stands exposed in front of India’s Citizens. Scores of people across the country are thinking of never to watch Indian Cinema. But, is everybody a part of this game? Perhaps, this is the time; the entire narrative should be laid out in front of the country so that the innocents not punished along with the culprits. If we go to details, it would have been a book. Here tried to put forth the basics for readers to connect the dots themselves.
Late 1980s and the early 1990s was the golden period of Underworld in Mumbai. Is it just a coincidence that this period only saw a tectonic shift in power corridors of Bollywood? Is it just coincidence that this was also the phase when Indian Cinema started deteriorating? Is it just a coincidence, that in this phase every second movie used to demonise parents of the couple in love? It was only after this phase, Bollywood lost creativity but projects to create STARS for various objectives.
Let’s do some homework to reach some conclusion.
The year was 1971, ownerships of oil wells returned to the Arab countries. Suddenly, they become billionaires from the sales of oil. The excess money being pumped to spread the Deen is not new to Islam. Henceforth started the custom of transferring money from Gulf to India in the name of Zakat & salaries of Islamic clerics. The Arabs thus enslaved Indian Muslims with cash. The distant object was the age-old dream “Ghazwa-e-Hind’. The Arab World & ISI wanted to transform the Indianised Barelvi-Ahmedi-Sufi dominated Islam of India into radical Wahabism. The magic of money worked. Soon, the Deoband School of Islam which previously had Sufi leaning was rendering Wahabi discourses. This was the beginning of the so-called Ganga-Jamuni tehzib of India.
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Bollywood actors with the people who are actively involved in anti-India activities
The impact was the Sunni Muslims started mass voting by diktats of masjids. The directives to vote en-mass started coming from across the borders. The elections, directives were sent from the Arab Kingdoms. The fear instilled into Indians Muslims, if they do not vote for a particular political party decided by them, Muslim votes will get divided & BJP will gain power. Muslims followed the diktat out of fear of disobedience & the monster BJP both. Thus whichever party wanted to get Muslim votes had to deal with the Arab Kingdom. The result of these deals & negotiations, India saw a steep rise in public land allocation for Mosques, Madrassas & other institutions related to the Wahabi ideology of Islam. Soon, Muslim women started wearing veils, head to toe burkhas.
As an impact of these deals with political parties, ISI & Arab World, gangsters like Dawood had a free hand to exploit the business community & film industry. D Company was given a free-hand to smuggle gold, kidnappings, ransom & much more that everybody knows. The control of then Bombay, the commercial capital, Hindi film industry & house to the biggest business establishments of India and the world was virtually on the mercy of Underworld. The city that sets the narrative for India was in control of people with dangerous and anti-India motives. The caucus between politician, Underworld and Islamic funding was setting the protocols for the entire cinema industry of Mumbai. All this was being done to malign the Hindu rituals & custom so that the conversion mafia can be benefitted out of it.
Hundreds of movies are made each passing year in Bollywood, and each movie shows Hindu culture in bad light only. However, Hindutva is the only Dharm which is progressive and have evolved with time. It has abolished evil rituals which arise due to deferent reasons of slavery and invasion of cultural vultures. But Bollywood has not made a single movie on the atrocities on women in Islam and Christianity, no film about Nikah Halala, Khatna, Polygamy, Triple Talaq, Burka, family planning, Baptism, rivalry among churches, expulsion from religion, Kufra-shirk etc. The cast system is deadlier in Islam and Christianity, but it was never shown or even talked about the so-called liberals like Javed Akhtar's of Bollywood. Contrary to it they have poured petrol to the casts in Hindus. My claim here is substantiated by the facts that Jihadist minds and funds control Bollywood with agenda.
Agenda of this Cabal
  • To create a narrative against Hindutva, put it in low light, to demean it
  • To glamourise Islam, create a narrative that justifies acts of various Muslim gangsters
  • To promote ‘love-jihad’ in India
  • Masses idolise & follow stars. By controlling the stars, the idea was to guide & normalise the society towards incest & obscenity
  • To promote narcotic substances in youth for that is also controlled by the D gang, ISI & its affiliates and benefits Muslim countries where it is cultivated like Afghanistan. The revenue of the same is invested in anti-India activities. The stars made addicts, but such stories publicised by the media in non-derogatory tone. The youth of any country follow film stars the most when they get to know that their icons consume drugs, they also consider it cool to consume it.
How was the Mafia Created?
Imagine you are producer/director/actor of the 80/90s. You get call from the D Company that they will finance your project. None was in a position to say no. We know what happened to Gulshan Kumar & Rajiv Rai. People occupying public position including the police, were hand-on with the Underworld. Here you get access to unlimited money & support. No actor would dare say.
On the other hand, you risk your life. This was the trap—Now you are with them and can’t oppose them for life. One by one, all the stalwarts started falling in line to Underworld. Slowly and gradually, the media also got trapped in as the stars were allowed to give interviews to selected journalist and mediums. The journalist has to praise them for getting them interviewed and not to utter words against the cabal.
So, this club/mafia is a nexus of actors, producers, directors, media, critics & distributors who are backed or influenced by the drug dealers, politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and police. Many Muslim actors were launched with the help of this Mafia to promote love jihad and other agendas of the cabal. New superstars were created tailor-fit to the needs of the Mafia. There are three types of psyches of movie going audience: the romance lovers, the masala audience and sensible one. With the support of Industry stalwarts, media and politics, the Mafia made all three segments ruled by Khans. Masala segment led by Salman Khan, sensible segment ruled by Amir Khan and romantic segment led by Shahrukh Khan, nephew of former Pakistani ISI Chief Lt Gen Zahir-ul-Islam.
If we want to destroy this nexus, we will have to understand the modus operandi.
Thumb Rule of insider-outsider game: This lobby of star actors, producers, directors, journalists, critics, distributors etc., they only create future stars, and this club doesn’t entertain anybody from outside. When star actors appreciate a new actor who is ready to work according to them, critics sing their praises for no reason. He/she is bombarded with movies even before the release of the first film. Soon Multi-National Corporate queues up to sign them for product endorsements.
Now, let us understand how they make it impossible for an outsider to break-in.
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Bollywood actors with the people who are actively involved in anti-India activities
Dawood had a free hand to exploit the business community & film industry. D Company was given a free-hand to smuggle gold, kidnappings, ransom & much more that everybody knows. The control of then Bombay, the commercial capital, Hindi film industry & house to the biggest business establishments of India and the world was virtually on the mercy of Underworld. The city that sets the narrative for India was in control of people with dangerous and anti-India motives  
For Outside Producer/Director
  • Outside Producer/Director are not given access to stars even if they have good scripts and budget in hand. Since people watch movies of big stars, many passionate film-makers are forced to make movie with new actors in limited budget a loss-making project kills the newbie actor, director or producer.
  • With limits in budget, remuneration of technician also impacts the quality of the film. The media simply ignore this movie. The recent example is Vidyut Jamwal was not invited to the premier of his own film on OTT release in this pandemic)
  • Suppose, somehow, an outsider film-maker manages to make a good movie & spends a fortune over the publicity, his next battle is for theatre screens. The major players of the trade already book all good screens. This poor producer who has invested his all in that film won’t get screens to exhibit his creation. Even if the audience has liked the trailer of the film, they will have to go to the multiplex at 12 in the noon or 3 pm in the afternoon, (which are office hours & not many people watch a movie in office hours) for the film has not been given any shows in the evening.
  • The Mafia critics will attack the movie on the very first day of its release and give it negative ratings.
For Outside Actors
Let us understand what happens when an outsider actor like Kangana, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkumar Rao or Sushant Singh Rajpoot somehow makes a mark in the industry gradually through television, or small films. The actor is invited to Bollywood parties, made to understand the culture of the industry and real bosses of the game, agenda he/she needs to follow. What to speak, what not to speak, forced opinions to be given as and when required. Remember Sushant Singh declared to drop his surname Rajput when Karni sena set the film sets on fine in Jaipur? How The Tapsees, Dipikas, Ayushmans and Swaras are forced to give opinions on CAA. Ridiculously no one had spoken a single word when Sushant died of this conspiracy. Not many people dare to stand by their beliefs and values. Not everyone can fight for their rights like Kangana Ranaut did for Sushant’s death inquiry. All they prefer is not messing with the mighty and tow the lines drawn by them to reap benefits of the cabal. But the ones who don’t give up his/her values like SSR or Kangana is attacked left, right and centre by the Mafia’s machinery.
  • l Big established stars who belong to this cabal refuse to work with him/her limiting their work. (None of the cabal actors works with SSR or Kangana).
  • l The stars of this cabal put him/her down on public platforms, Salman, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar & Sonam Kapoor demeaned SSR on public shows.
  • l Some low ranking insider of the industry is made to get in a brawl with him at some party/event. This brawl is then used to pressurise the film-makers outside of this cabal to drop them from their projects. (Suraj Pancholi got in a brawl with SSR at a party. SSR & Kangana have been dropped from many A-grade projects.)
  • l He starts getting ignored by the Bollywood media even when his films are a hit. Even after giving hits like ‘Dhoni’ & ‘Chichore’, SSR was not treated like other Stars by Bollywood Media. In a world where Salman Khan donating a watch worth five lakh becomes a national news, nobody knew that an actor (SSR) owns land on the Moon, is connected to Nasa and various other things.
  • l The Bollywood media & its critics run a campaign to tarnish his image. For example, even when SSR’s tweets were highly intellectual, the Bollywood media attacked them as non-sensible. Critics like Rajeev Masand went to the extent of calling him mad, actors like Deepika unnecessarily called him depressed.
  • l The above-mentioned maligning of the actor’s name is to be used so as to justify his/her murder as suicide when he/she is finally eliminated.
What is our bit to remove this muck?
  • Boycott the films of this cabal
  • Support new actors, directors & producers
  • Support Nationalism because it has many enemies and that only is your saviour
  • Boycott products of MNC’s
  • Demand / empower the Government to bring in laws that make functioning of these cabals impossible
  • Spreading the word of knowledge is the only antidote against these anti-nationals. This is not just about Bollywood; it is about our Generations Next, this is about who should be the youth icons. This is to stop them from getting in habit of DRUGS; this is our responsibility towards NEW INDIA. Hope this opportunity arises out of a bright man’s death would not go in vain. Let us free our cultural lineage from the clutches of Jihadists.
(The writer is a research scholar)