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As a result of intellectual bullying, we could provide very shallow understanding of Dharma to such fellow countrymen who are educated through English medium and are not familiar with Sanskrit either
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Ignoring sane, sensitive and soft voices is first sign of yielding space to divisive forces. Such translations have done more of a disservice than service. And, the ones amongst us who are bestowed with the awareness and discernment shut our own eyes and keep validating such (disserving) translations then we fail in carrying out our responsibility. Do you really think that we have not failed in carrying out our responsibility in this sense?
Keeping cultural stream of thought pristine is serious business. It’s responsible endeavour. Because, it involves accommodating necessary changes which are inevitable, in such a way that eternal flow of knowledge traditions stays crystal clear to be imbibed by every coming generation. Devising such practical paths in every phase which would keep mirroring eternity as it is by accommodating temporary changes which come and keep passing away giving ways to new ones, is the role and responsibilities of gurus. We have always welcomed changes but we have never let those become accumulated dogmas for next generation. This is the strength of only living guru parampara existing on the face of earth. Guru is valued here most, which in disguise is the value accorded to real knowledge. Essentially, Bharat being custodian of self-reflective and self-aware culture, it must stay mirroring sparklingly clean and transparent spiritual traditions of self-realisation. And, none should be allowed to hijack it. In spiritual field (Adhyatma) keeping sanctity is not optional, it’s responsibility. And, responsibilities are carried out thoroughly as an expression of gratitude. Do you agree?
It’s not in present phase alone that Indic knowledge is being looked up to. World always looked towards India for its inner light, no enlightened being ever questioned the supremacy and depth of Indic spiritual wealth, not even when we were under foreign rule. However, it’s another story that not all beneficiaries have been humble enough to acknowledge and express their gratitude towards the land of source of their knowledge. It’s indication of depth of Indic spiritual truth that even when invaders were inflicting attacks and subjugating India politically, intellectuals accompanying these invaders, missionaries and foreign rulers were still in awe of our wealth of knowledge. Pandemic has made many across the world realise the value of yoga and meditation serendipitously. It’s an open secret that many celebs practice Yogasanas worldwide yet few acknowledge. Do you agree? Those of us who have observed positive ‘impact’ of vibrations caused and effected during chanting of Sanskrit shlokas, which are unfailingly experienced, they should acknowledge, assert and reiterate it in unequivocal voice. We feel this ‘impact’ during mental recitation as well as during vocal chanting. Why are we not acknowledging and asserting this experience as an authentic evidence of Sanskrit’s being instrumental in healing? Such collective act of omission is sign of self-doubting and laziness. We must overcome it. It’s no way telling comment on other languages which are not Mantric. And, it must not be construed to mean anything other than reiteration and assertion of unique quality of Sanskrit from which all can benefit globally. We must not be shy of narrating and describing this mystic attribute of Sanskrit. Popularity of Sanskrit is win-win proposition for whole population of the world. Do you agree?
(The writer is the propounder of Sahaj Smriti Yog system of self-realisation and founder of Darpan Ashram)