Tamil Nadu: Habitual Hindu baiter Thol Thirumavalavan MP says Sanatana Dharma treats women as ‘sex workers’

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Vidhuthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (founder) and Chidambaram Lok Sabha MP Thol Thirumavalan made derogatory comments against women, saying “all Hindu women are sex-workers according to Sanathana Dharma.” This has evoked serious condemnation from women and nationalist political parties.
Thol Thirumavalavan, who won from Chidambaram Lok Sabha Constituency in alliance with DMK, is a habitual Hindu baiter. He has been spewing venom against Hindus, Gods and Hindu’s spiritual belief. He was part of break-Bharat group, and his deputies are from Jihadi groups. While addressing a Dalit Muslim resurgence conference at Perambur In 2017 Thirumavalavan said all the Shiva and Vishnu temple had been built after destroying Buddha vihars. He said “you (Hindus) have razed down Buddha Viharams to build mandirs for Siva and Vishnu. A Buddha Viharas should now come up where Sri Rangam Ranganathar (one of the 108 divya kshetrams of Vishnu) reclines. Another must be built after pulling down Kancheepuram Kamatchi temple.” He had also opposed the building of Ram temple earlier. He also said temples are ugly structures while referring to Ram Mandir, opposed abrogation of Article 370. Thirumavalavan uttered anti-national statements multiple times in the past. Despite complaints against him, police did nothing.
Thirumavalavan was criticised when his sister who was succumbed to Corona recently he did last rites for her according Hindu tradition with the help of a Hindu priest. (He did a Christian prayer at the hospital for her speedy recovery). He is a Christian going by his statement after his election results that Hindu Gods had not helped him. But his prayers to Jesus helped to win.
Taking forward the break-Bharat and anti-Hindu rants, participating in a zoom conference recently on “Periyar and Indian politics, his relevance in today’s situation”, he sang paeans on Periyar by saying “ helping break the Brahminical supremacy and ideologies that were taught by Hindu scriptures like Manu Smriti. The conference was organised by followers of Periyar. In the video that went viral in social media, continuing his rants, in the video that went viral, he said “As per Sanatana Dharma all women are prostitutes and not unequal to men. If one were to know how women-folks are valued in Sanathana Dharma… how they are treated, how they are being suppressed for time immemorial, how they are being exploited… what does Sanathana Dharma say about women?. Women are basically created as prostitutes by God. All women are sex workers as per Hindu Dharma, Manu Dharma. All women are prostitutes. That is how God has created them. They are of lower status than man. This is applicable to Brahmin women as well as women of other castes. This is what the Sanatana Dharma says”.
Tamil Nadu BJP executive council member Sowtha Mani Told organiser that Thirumalavalan is known for hatred towards Hindus and their gods. The former News anchor said “ Now he called all women are sex workers. It is highly condemnable. He conducted death ceremonial day of his sister in the proper Hindu tradition. Will he explain what he deems on his own family women? What he said will apply to him family, friends and alliance party leader families? He should seek an unconditional apology. All Hindus should rally with us in condemning his speech. He should be arrested and given suitable punishment for spreading fake propaganda against the majority Hindus”. She said Thirumavalavan was making such diatribes because he knew he would not be part of DMK-led alliance for the ensuing state assembly elections. He also fears that Election Commission may not allot common symbol to contest”.
Advocate A. Aswathaman had filed a complaint with police seeking action against Thirumavalavan and the admins of Periyar youtube channel under IPC sections 153 (A), 295, 295(A), 296, 298, 499, 504, 505, 188 and IT act and others. Hindu Vishwa Parishad Tirunelveli District functionary Arumuga Kani also lodged a complaint. There has been a spate of complaints against him, but the Tamil Nadu police are yet to take action against him. Earlier complaints against him also wait for action.