Prime Minister Narendra Modi bows to Maa Kalaratri on seventh day of Navaratri

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday bowed to Goddess Kalratri, the seventh form of Goddess Durga.
May Mata Kalratri, the destroyer of negative forces, make everyone free from fear, wished Shri Narendra Modi.
Maa Kalaratri is widely regarded as one of the many destructive forms of the Mother Goddess, which include Kali,
Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Bhairavi, Mrityu, Rudrani, Chamunda, Chandi and Durga.
The seventh day of Navratri pooja, in particular, is dedicated to Mata Kalaratri and she is considered the fiercest form of the Mother Goddess, her appearance itself invoking fear. This form of Goddess is believed to be the destroyer of all demon entities, ghosts, evil spirits and negative energies, who flee upon knowing of her arrival.