Red-Jihadi fringe groups demand separate state, unveil new state flag: Nationalists in Tamil Nadu call for stringent action

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Close on the heels of zoom conference to relaunch the campaign for a separate state with unfettered powers, now a group of Maoist-Jihadi outfits have unveiled a new flag for their proposed state. This further strengthens their agenda of creating chaos and anarchy before the state assembly elections to pave easy pitch for DMK led alliance to capture power. Around 180 fringe parties led consortium had demanded a separate state earlier this month in a zoom meeting.
Dravidar Kazhagam leader K Veeramani and his lieutenant Ma Poogundran, May 17 movement leader Daniel Gandhi Thirumurugan Gandhi, a self -proclaimed geopolitical commentator, human rights activists, pro-LTTE supporter under the guise of Tamil identity, Porur Mutt head MarudhachalamAdigalar, Kolathur Mani, Pozhilan, Siravaiadheenam ( mutt) head Kumaraguruadigalar, KovaiRamakrishnan and cine personalities will take part in three- day zoom conference that starts on October 29 that is being organized by Periarists federation ( followers of Periyar ideologies) on 21st these leaders unveiled the separate flag for Tamil Nadu. “Tamil Nadu is ours… celebrate the mother nation” is their slogan that was printed on the top of the invitation. It is called Tamil Nadu Festival.
“What is happening in Tamil Nadu? Who gave them the authority and freedom to unveil a separate flag for Tamil Nadu?,” wondered Arjune Sampath, founder of Indu Makkal Katchi. He told Organiser that they want to divide the state on the basis of race and language? “some anti-national forces with support from foreign agencies are openly coming out with such demands. They have to be booked under the National Security Act. Tamil Nadu has become safe asylum for such forces. It is high time stern action was taken to contain at the budding stage before it goes out of hands. Indu Makkal Katchi will make all efforts to ban the conference,” Arjune Sampath explained. He said with the support of Christian missionaries and Pakistan, and China-based forces are backing the conference.
“DMK, which is indirectly controlling these fringe parties that included several Dravidian parties, atheists, Naxals, Jigadi elements are grouping together to spread venomous and misleading propaganda. He questioned what is the relevance for them Tamil and its rich culture, Tamil Nadu? They are against Hindu rituals. These groups were behind the Karuppar Kootam that portrayed Kanda Shashti Kavasam in an obscene manner. They are all against the interests of the Bharat and Sri Lankan Tamils. They are not the activists but anti nationals. The State and Central governments should act without wasting time to put them in their places,” Arjune Sampath added.