“Because India is fighting China”: Hong Kong pro-democracy activist carries Indian flag on Communist China's National Day

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Hong Kong witnessed a different method of non-violent protest against the oppressive-expansionist Communist regime on the Chinese National Day. A pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong marched on the streets carrying the national flag of India, on October 1 the Chinese National Day, protesting against China’s oppression and human rights violations in Hong Kong.
A journalist, Laurel Chor, shared photographs and videos of the protest on Twitter. In the visuals, the protester was seen waving the Indian flag and moving on the street holding it high. When he was asked why he was wearing an Indian flag, he said, “Because India is fighting China. So India is my friend!”
Laurel said in the tweet that the man was shouting “Stand with India!” and the crowd was applauding him.
On the national day of China, several Hong Kong nationals took to streets in various parts of the world to protest the Chinese invasion and oppression.
The pro-democracy protests have been intensified after China passed Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill last year. The bill allows Hong Kong to detain and transfer people wanted in territories and countries that do not have formal agreements for extradition.
According to reports, Hong Kong police arrested at least 86 people on suspicion of unauthorized assembly on China’s National Day holiday after crowds gathered on the streets, chanting pro-democracy slogans.
At a National Day reception, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said “stability has been restored to society while national security has been safeguarded” under the new law.
Lam also accused some foreign governments of holding “double standards” and levelling unjustified accusations against the authorities who implement the new law.
Last year, the Hong Kong police for the first time fired shot at a young protester. Several rounds of tear gas were also shot to disperse the crowd during the National Day protests.