Trump will be remembered as a President who didn't send US troops across the globe: TP Sreenivasan

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Ambassador TP Sreenivasan IFS (rtd) has said that Donald Trump will be remembered as a President who did not send his troops to other countries even though there were situations which had demanded US army interventions. He was delivering the keynote address in the webinar organised by Centre for Policy and Development Studies on "US elections".
Shri TP Sreenivasan said that the interest of the Indian community in US elections has increased manifold after Kamala Harris has become the Vice President candidate of Democrats. He, however, said that several Indians are moving out of New York fearing post-poll violence and added that with the opinion polls largely pointing towards a huge lead for Joe Biden, there are possibilities of the Democratic candidate romping home as the next US president. He also lashed out at the failed policies of Donald Trump in containing the Covid19 pandemic and said that if the US president had been more scientifically oriented, the death toll in the US owing to the pandemic could have been reduced by half. He also said that the Indian embassy in the US and various other arms of the Government of India had helped generating a " Brand India" and that this has done a lot of good to the Indian community in the US. He said that the second generation Indians are proud of their Indian origin than the previous generation and said that this generation is not having any complaints on being of Indian origin. He also stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's excellent one to one rapport with former President Barak Obama and incumbent president, Donald Trump has augured well for the country.
Speaking on the occasion, noted psephologist and Founder Director of Cvoter news services, Yashwanth Deshmukh said that President Trump cannot be written off and added that the polling in person and that by postal votes would make a big difference. He said that if there is a huge turnout in the polling day- November 3, 2020- the Republicans will go for several litigations and that the legal teams of that party are prepared for that. He also said that the US polls have several ballots and are a murky process and that only one is the vote for US presidential polls. He said that while President Trumps middle east policy vis a vis Israel has envisaged a lot of interest in middle east, the US liberal media including the mainstream media had ignored that probably owing to the fact that it would provide President Trump with a good mileage among the US electorate.
Vineetha Krishnan, a US-based journalist, said that there is a high level of interest in the US which was never seen before and added that the frenzy would lead to a high voter turn out. Lalu Joseph and Arun Lakshman also spoke on the occasion