'Does Rahul Gandhi want to contest polls in Pakistan?': BJP slams Congress leader Shashi Tharoor for denigrating India and praising Pakistan

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BJP hit out at Congress leader Shashi Tharoor for denigrating India and lauding Pakistan's Covid fighting.
Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Party spokesperson, Sambit Patra alleged that Shashi Tharoor mocked India's Covid fight. He said, Mr Tharoor is saying that the Government of India is failing in the management of Covid. Shri Patra said, the whole world is watching how Narendra Modi protected the people during the pandemic and served food to 80 crore people.
Sambit Patra told reporters that it was 'unbelievable' that a senior Congress leader and an MP like Tharoor can make such comments against India at a Pakistani forum. "He has demeaned India and projected the country in dim light," Patra said. Patra said that the Kerala MP was a close friend of the former Congress president and wondered if Gandhi wanted to get credit in Pakistan and contest polls there. He is already a "hero" in China and Pakistan, Patra alleged.
"What was the need to discuss such matters at a Pakistani forum? There is no country in this world as democratic and just as India," he said. Patra said he and the BJP will now call him "Rahul Lahori".
Addressing the Lahore Literature Festival through video conferencing, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor made statements denigrating India. He also praised Pakistan’s efforts in combatting the Coronavirus pandemic.
The senior Congress leader said, “We look with envy across the border because you chaps seem to be having a rather pleasant time of it in terms of being able to return to normalcy. We are still facing many places where numbers are going up so there’s no sense yet of a peak having been reached and in some parts, including both the capital where I am now, and in my constituency of Thiruvananthapuram in the extreme South, the numbers are worse than they have ever been.”
“The Indian government is not doing well and the people realize this. Rahul Gandhi mentioned as early as February that COVID-19 must be taken seriously otherwise India will face economic catastrophe so he should get credit for it,” Shashi Tharoor said further. Tharoor also used the Pakistani forum to criticise the Indian government over the Howdy Modi event.
“Tablighi Jamaat super-spreader event was used to justify open bigotry and discrimination against the Muslims,” Tharoor alleged.