Covid and PM Modi : World Leader

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-Prof. B. Ramaswamy

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In every crisis also lies an opportunity for the country to take a giant leap forward. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi aptly stated, this is the time for all of us to rise and seize that opportunity. Even in this global crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown inspiring leadership and visionary statesmanship. Citizens and Institutions have responded to the call of the PM to unite in the fight against Corona. We are fortunate that in Narendra Modi, we have a PM who is leading by example and inspiring all sections of the society to give their best to overcome this crisis.
India has set the tone for Global COVID Collaboration under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Extraordinary foreign outreach of PM Modi in the last six years has greatly helped in forging such an international coalition against the pandemic.
It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who gave a wakeup call to the world to fight this challenge by implementing an early Nationwide Lockdown, despite few cases of infection in India. The foresight and vision of the Prime Minister helped India to fight the pandemic effectively, and the same was emulated by many other countries.
At the Global level:
Dwelling on the theme of mutual international cooperation, Modi was not only instrumental in creating a COVID-19 Emergency Fund, with a commitment of 10 million US Dollars but also addressed the pandemic issue at SAARC, NAM, G-20 and other platforms, besides engaging with the Heads of Government and States on an individual basis.
Developing countries were hit hard by this pandemic due to their limited resources and health and medical infrastructure. But India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the lead in reaching out to fellow countries both in the region and outside with medical and other aid. He said that India is also taking the lead for the development of a vaccine in collaboration with other countries of the world.
Prime Minister Modi has topped the approval ratings carried out to find out the public opinion on which world leader is handling the coronavirus pandemic well. In these times of global uncertainty, Prime Minister Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis has received global acclaim. World leaders, international agencies, philanthropists, Nobel laureates and many others have praised Modi’s leadership. The findings of a worldwide survey by Morning Consult revealed that Modi has the highest approval rating—84%—among all world leaders in handling the pandemic.
Modi’s exemplary leadership in tackling the Covid pandemic has brought about a transformational shift in India’s image globally. India is today seen globally as a role model and a saviour providing medicines, supplies and medical assistance to its neighbours and nations in West Asia, and supplying medication to powerful countries like the US, Russia, etc.
US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, “Thank you, Prime Minister @NarendraModi, for your strong leadership in helping not just India, but humanity, in this fight!” WHO commended India’s timely and tough actions for stopping Covid and its chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised steps taken by Modi to help the poor during the crisis by announcing a 20 lakh crore package.

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At Domestic level:
Package of over 20 lakh crore rupees under Atmanirbhar Bharat announced by PM Modi is around 10 per cent of India’s GDP and was one of the highest in the world to overcome the challenges of the pandemic. He reiterated that India would be an important pillar of post-COVID global economic recovery.
Previously Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned a crisis into an opportunity for the nation during the devastating earthquake in Bhuj in 2001 killed more than 20,000 people and lakhs were injured. About half-a-million structures were turned into dust. The economy was devastated, and so was the morale of the people. However, as then Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi transformed Bhuj and Gujarat from being an epicentre of the earthquake to a centre of development.
A nationwide opinion poll carried out by C-Voter found that an overwhelming majority, 94% of Indians, support the PM’s lockdown measures and other corona-related actions.
Modi mounted a national effort and was able to enlist the support and participation of even states ruled by other political parties. Modi exhibited great concern for the health and well-being of the masses with his timely and effective actions in controlling this pandemic. That is why Modi’s India is being seen as a progressive, caring nation leading the global effort in controlling the pandemic
The world’s faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indians, in general, has become even stronger with the exceptional handling of the Coronavirus crisis. No wonder that India already has been the top foreign direct investment destination since May 2014. India being the engine of global economic growth and the lone safe and bright spot in this time of crisis, the international investments, supply chains, and manufacturing is bound to shift to India. Further, the widely acknowledged demographic dividend, skilful and diligent people who have shown exemplary discipline and resilience in such a crisis have strengthened the admiration for India globally and as a stable and safe investment destination.
Anticipating the opportunity to transform the country, PM Modi has already asked New India to find innovative solutions to take the lead in the post-COVID world. He has also given a roadmap for the new normal and coined new vowels in the post-COVID world to be Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity & Universalism.