“If ‘Ajmal's army’ touches our women, punishment for them will be death sentence”: Assam will start 'strict fight' against 'Love Jihad' says Himanta Biswa Sarma

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Senior BJP leader and Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday said the state government will start a ‘strict fight’ against 'Love Jihad' if the saffron party again comes to power in the 2021 assembly elections. The election to the 126-member Assam Assembly is due in March-April next year.
Assamese people are losing five constituencies in every assembly election to the culture-civilisation of "Ajmal's army", the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) convenor said, targetting AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal.
"We will have to start a new and strict fight against Love Jihad on Assam's soil. If the BJP comes to power again, we will take a decision that if any boy hides his religious identity and comments anything negative on Assamese daughters and women, he will face ruthless and rigorous punishment," he said during a BJP Mahila Morcha meeting in Dibrugarh. He said that girls are becoming victims of "Ajmal's culture-civilisation" on Facebook as boys hiding their religion on social media befriend and marry them.
"We have taken an oath that if Ajmal's army touches our women, the only punishment for them will be a death sentence, nothing less. We are working with such a resolve," he said.
"Love Jihad has created a mountain-like problem for Assamese daughters. Many girls have faced talaaq situations after getting duped by fake names of the boys. The BJP has resolved that whenever any culture- civilisation attacks Assamese girls, ruthless replies will be given," PTI quoted Himanta as saying.
"If the 65 per cent people don't fight together against Ajmal's culture-civilisation, then our future Assam will not be saved. If we lose this fight of culture- civilisation, then we will not be able to live in this Assam after 15 years," he said. (With inputs from PTI & NIE)