Kerala Gold Smuggling Scam: Noose tightens for CM Vijayan as prime accused Swapna says CM met her several times

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The latest statement of the Kerala gold smuggling case prime accused Swapna Suresh before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) moves the needle of suspicion towards CPM supremo and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The statement reads that she had met Pinarayi several times and all those meetings took place at the CM’s official residence. During such a meeting in 2017, attended by the CM, UAE Consul General and his then secretary Swapna Suresh, Pinaray said that thereafter his Principal Secretary M. Sivasankar IAS would be the interface between UAE Consulate and the Government of Kerala. And, Sivasankar started to call her regularly in connection with the UAE Consulate-related affairs. Swapna also started to call him for the same matters.
Naturally, their mutual relations grew to new heights and dimensions. Several such meetings took place at CM’s residence; they all were attended by the CM, Consul General, Sivasankar and Swapna Suresh. Swapna says, they all were ‘private meetings’. This statement of Swapna Suresh paves the way for the demand for further inquiries into whether GOK had made Sivasankar a ‘liaison man’ between GOK and Consulate.
It is reported by credible sources that Sivasankar also has admitted these meetings while undergoing the interrogation by ED.
Interestingly Pinarayi has been keeping on stating that he does not know Swapna. Quite often he went to the extent of describing her a mere “controversial woman”.
On the other hand, Swapna’s statement before the ED says that CM knew her lucrative appointment in the Space Park Project very much. She had said in her statement before NIA a few days before that she was included in the official delegation to UAE based on the CM’s request to the Consulate. Sivasankar has been reported to have said that Swapna was included in the team due to Pinarayi’s instruction.
Now, the picture gets clearer; the allegation by BJP that CM is involved in the cases assumes more relevance.
Meanwhile Customs Department has detained Swapna Suresh and Sandeep Nair under COFEPOSA. Economic offences and smuggling have been charged against them. Accordingly Customs can imprison both for one year without trial.
Sivasankar has undergone several interrogations by the central agencies including CIA. He was interrogated for eleven hours on October 10. He is going to be interrogated again on Tuesday.
Now, Pinarayi gears up to turn an autocrat. It is reported that he is all set to amend Rules of Business to concentrate all powers in his hands. Once it materialises the ministers will lose executive powers. CM and the department secretaries will be calling the shots. The power of the secretaries will be equal to that of the ministers. CPI ministers have already opposed the new move.