Jabalpur medical college to take action against Dr Rajkumari Bansal who posed as sister-in-law of Hathras Victim

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Dr Rajkumari Bansal who posed as the sister-in-law of the victim of Hathras case has been served notice by the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Government Medical College, Jabalpur. The dean of the medical college, where Dr Rajkumari is currently employed, has confirmed that she has been served the notice.
PK Kasar, dean of Medical college, said forensic department assistant professor Dr Rajkumari Bansal took leave for three days from October 4 to 6 and went to Hathras to meet the family of the victim without informing the college. Kasar said she could not take part in any such protests as she is a government officer. “We came to know from media reports that Rajkumari Bansal participated in a protest in Hathras. The notice has been served to her and her reply has been sought within a week. Further action will be subject to her reply,” he added.
As per reports, she has claimed that she went to the victim’s place in Hathras as she wanted to check the medical reports as she is a ‘forensic expert’. At that time, some media persons recorded her videos. They are now going viral on social media.
“Some people have even called me a Maoist. Scandalous and baseless allegations are being levelled against me,” she said in a statement. Rajkumari said she would sue those who are circulating her videos.