Involvement of Left in JNU violence conclusively exposed - Left goons planned attack on ABVP students on WhatsApp groups

The JNU violence which has rocked the nation has yet again exposed the violent nature of the Left. Just as in Kerala and other parts of the world, the Left resorts to violence when its diktats go unheeded. The latest episode of violence perpetrated by the Left in JNU was well planned and targeted against ABVP reveals leaked WhatsApp chat images and mobile video footage.
Leaked WhatsApp chats have now shown clearly as to how the attacks inside JNU was planned by the Left and also involved students from outside JNU. Left goons associated with SFI, AISA and sourced from Jamia and Delhi Universities were asked to come to the JNU campus with sticks and other 'necessary things'. The group chats reveal that hundreds of comrades were arranged to arrive at JNU to attack 'Sanghis' (ABVP students).
The entry was gained through JNU students inside the campus who facilitated the same. The attacks was to be executed in groups of 10+ comrades and execute the plan at around 4-5 in the early morning. More than 100 from Delhi University and 50 plus students from Jamia were arranged for the attacks as per the leaked chats. 

JNU WhatsApp_1   
The chats also reveal that some among them were opposed to the violent way the winter registration process were opposed. One member of the group who supposedly belongs to DSF says that the AISA and SFI have formed gang armed with sticks and are roaming around with intention of beating up ABVP. 'NO DSF comrade should be part of this idiocy', says the member and appeals for calm and peace.
The leaked chats now completely expose the way the Left planned the JNU violence only to attack ABVP members and stop the registration process in the university which was being aided by ABVP.
In other videos from CCTV footage, JNUSU President Aishe Ghose is seen with the attackers wearing masks. Few other mobile videos show ABVP students who were facilitating student registration were attacked by the Left goons who were opposed to the process.
JNU Administration exposes Left goons
It was clear from the beginning of this episode that the Left was opposed to the online registrations happening at the university. When the manual process was forcefully stalled by the Left goons, the JNU administration made the process online. This irked the Left unions who resorted to vandalising the server room and stopping Wi-Fi on the campus. They even blocked the entrance to the server room and all the acts were perpetrated by masked goons. Hence it was evident as to who the masked perpetrators of the vandalism were.
Now the JNU Administration has also corroborated the sequence of events. In a press release the registrar has said that the protests against registration was the root cause of violence. The VC Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar has appealed to all the JNU students to maintain peace. The University stands by all the students to facilitate their pursuit of academic activities and we will ensure that their winter semester registration will take place without any hindrance, he said in a series of tweets.
The VC further tweeted that the origin of the present situation in JNU lies in some agitating students turning violent and obstructing the academic activities of a large number of non-protesting students. The protesting students damaged the communication servers to disrupt the winter semester registration. They prevented thousands of students from doing their winter registration. Their intent is clearly aimed at disrupting the functioning of the University. This is simply hooliganism and against the ethos of JNU. No such person will be spared and appropriate action will be taken, said the VC.
Videos taken from mobile also reveal that those opposing registration for winter session of JNU are behind violence to scuttle the academic process of varsity. However, it was well known that only the Left unions had protested against the registration process and this statement by JNU affirms the involvement of the Left in the latest episode of unleashing violence on the JNU campus.