VHP condemns violence over CAA in Jharkhand and other places - Deplores attempts to demean Hindu society on the pretext of protests
The VHP asks people not fall prey to attempts which divide Hindu society. Welcomes Ram Janmabhumi verdict and demands that temple be built with funds collected from society.
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The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has strongly condemned the violence over CAA in various parts of the country especially the attack on Hindus in Lohardaga in Jharkhand. In a Press statement issued by Shri Milind Parande, Secretary General of VHP on 30th January, 2020, the organisation has reiterated that CAA provides shelter to the persecuted minorities and does not take away the citizenship of any Bharateeya. VHP has strongly condemned the preplanned attacks on national properties, Hindus, their homes and business establishments with an agenda masqueraded as CAA protests.
Mentioning the rally in support of the CAA in Lohardaga in Jharkhand which was attacked by a mob of violent Muslims, the VHP says that the mob injured many Hindus, burned down many their houses and caused the unfortunate killing of Shri Neeraj Ram Prajapati. The VHP condemns these Jihadi attacks and demands that all those who organise it, must be booked and punished under the relevant sections of IPC for murder, causing riots, arson and damage to properties. VHP has also demanded fair compensations to be given to all the victim families.
Calling for stringent legal action against all those political parties who organize, provoke, participate in or support such violent programs in the name of protests, VHP says that attacks on Hindu society under the guise, pretext and excuse of such movements are absolutely unacceptable.
Terming the recent violent protests as a sponsored effort to divide the Hindu society, the VHP statement questions why did none of these political parties come forward to help the Kashmiri Hindus by citing the Constitution when they were forced to flee the Kashmir valley.
Attempt to divide Hindu society in Rajasthan
The VHP press statement also condemns the attempts being made to remove the Bheel community from the Hindu fold.
"People holding briefs for communist or churchian agenda and some political parties in Rajasthan are propagating that the Bheel society is not Hindu! But the fact is that many great leaders from the Bheel community, including the powerful Rana Poonja Bheel, freedom fighter Tatiya Bheel, Ven. Govind Guru Ji, Ven. Mavji Maharaj and Shri Mama Baleshwar Dayal Ji etc. led the Hindu society from the front to protect its Dharma and national culture."
"Therefore, the Vishva Hindu Parishad calls upon all sections of the society not to fall prey to such mischievous propaganda.", says the VHP statement.
Welcomes Ram Janmabhumi verdict

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The VHP has wholeheartedly welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on the Ram Janmabhumi and hopes that the central government will soon put in place an appropriate system for the construction of the grand Temple in Ayodhya. It then demands that it should be built as per the model popular in the society since the Ram Janma Bhumi movement, which is to raise funds from the society and not build it with government money.
Mentioning the preparations that are ongoing for the temple, VHP says that the stone cutting and chiseling works for the construction of the temple have been going on in Ayodhya for the last 27 years which are now near completion. Hence, VHP demands that the Ram temple be built with these stones and by doing so the faith and spirit of the Hindu society will be respected by the central government, says the VHP statement.
In order to celebrate the verdict, the VHP will be organising grand Shri Ramotsav Rath yatras all over the country, covering lakhs of villages even at the block levels. The Rath Yatras will be held between 25th March (Varsh Pratipada) Hindu New Year Day and 08th April (Hanuman Jayanti), informs the VHP statement.