Prominent Muslim leader in Assam to donate 5 Lakh rupees for construction of Ram Mandir; Says "I too am a Hindu"
Syed Muminul Oval also says that Muslims are being misled on CAA and external forces are trying to create unrest in the country through organisations like the PFI.
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Syed Muminul Oval  has announced Rs. 5 Lakh for construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya 
(Photo courtesy: Zee News)
Chairman of Assam State Minorities Commission, Syed Muminul Oval has announced a grant of five lakh rupees on behalf of several Muslim organizations of Assam for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, as per a Zee News report.
Oval further said that just as the way everyone in Assam refer to themselves as Assamese, every citizen of India is a Hindu. "Our religion is Islam, but as citizens of India, we proudly call ourselves Hindus.", says Syed Muminul Oval who was visiting Prayagraj as part of his personal pilgrimage.
Donation for Ram Mandir
Declaring the Supreme Court's decision in the Ayodhya case as historic, Oval announced that Rs five lakh would be donated for the construction of the Ram temple by 21 Muslim organizations in Assam. He said that as the President of the council of these Muslim organisation, he has made the news public. The council has taken this decision in view of the solidarity of the Muslims towards the unity of the country and the respect they have for the faith of the Hindus towards the construction of Ram temple.
Syed Muminul Oval also took a holy dip at the Sangam. He earlier had darshan of Swami Adhokshajanand at his camp in Magh Mela area on Wednesday, says the Zee News report.
On the question of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Oval said, 'CAA is not to take away anyone's citizenship but to give it. Many external forces are misleading Muslims. Hindustan is our country, we are born here and will live here. In such a situation, we should think in the interest of our country and not get influenced by others.
He said that external forces are behind the protests against the CAA across the country. He said that external forces are trying to create unrest in the country through organisations like the PFI. These forces cannot see India prosper and hence try to spread anarchy and confusion among the people using emotional means, says Oval as per the Zee News report.