Huge diplomatic victory for India - EU refuses to sign on draft resolution against CAA as Pakistan's effort fails miserably

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In a big diplomatic victory for India, the European Union has refused to sign on the draft resolution against CAA. With this Pakistan's effort to internationalize CAA has come to nought. The draft resolution was due to the efforts of British MEP Shafaq Mohammad of Pakistani.
Sources say that a 30 minute debate was held in nearly empty EU Parliament on the draft resolution on CAA. However, with most MEPs positive or neutral towards India the draft resolution was not signed. With only one Pak origin British MEP Shafaq Mohammad being strongly negative, Pakistan efforts to taint India failed miserably.
Government Sources said that there will be no voting on the European Union resolution on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on January 30th as scheduled. "Friends of India prevailed over the Friends of Pakistan in the European Parliament today.", says the source.
Pakistan has been trying repeatedly to internationalize CAA to cover its own mistreatment of its minorities. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians are being regularly persecuted and their places of worship, properties vandalized. Hindu and Sikh girls are regularly kidnapped, converted and married forcefully. The CAA provides sanctuary to such persecutred minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Hence, a jittery Pakistan has been trying to  cover its shenanigans and blame India. All its efforts till date have failed.