Shameful! JNU teachers Association condemns arrest of Sharjeel Imam who called for cutting off Northeast from rest of the country
The support of JNUTA for Sharjeel is not surprising given the fact that teachers associated with Communist ideology are the real instigators for the unrecognised JNUSU and its anti-National activities.
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The JNU Teachers Association has come out with a statement condemning the arrest of the Islamic supremacist Sharjeel. The JNUTA statement says that his comments do not warrant charges of sedition and his arrest is an attempt to curb dissent. It then blames 'extreme politicization' of the conduct of the law enforcement agencies for the arrest.
The statement from JNUTA also blames the Delhi Police for not arresting the culprits of the JNU violence in January 1st week but showing undue urgency in the arrest of Sharjeel Imam. The statement is signed by DK Lobiyal, President and Surajit Mazumdar, Scretary of JNUTA.
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The JNU Teachers Association which is largely made up of faculty with Communist ideology are seen as the real instigators for the unrecognised JNUSU and its anti-National activities. It is well-known that anyone who does not agree with the ideology of the core members of the JNU Teachers Association cannot have a easy life within JNU. From their schedule to promotions to facilities, anything can be curtailed as per the whims and fancies of the JNUTA if any faculty does not fall in line with their ideology.
It was known that Sharjeel Imam had supporters in JNU and outside being able to gain unprecedented fame due to Shaheen Bagh protests. However, his statements on 'cutting of Northeast' from rest of the country exposed the true nature of the Shaleen Bagh protests which was to establish Islamic supremacy pan-India.
After his comments went viral and owing to widespread condemnation from all quarters, complaints were filed. Sharjeel who boasted of establishing Islamic supremacy went into hiding. After a massive search operation, 'The Wire' columnist was nabbed from a mosque in Bihar.
Home Ministry and the Assam government had taken the statements of Sharjeel seriously as it had huge security ramifications. Assam government had filed a case against Sharjeel for his comments and senior minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that tough action will be taken against anyone who tries to divide India. Home Minister Amit Shah too had said that no one will be able to cut-off Northeast how much ever they try under the Narendra Modi government.