Sharjeel Imam of 'Cut-off North-East' infamy gets support from unrecognised JNUSU representatives - Protest March called in JNU demanding revocation of cases against him
Organisers of the protest march were unknown till date and the validity of the claim of support from organisations mentioned is in doubt.
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Though the Left-Jihadi nexus was much evident, it now seems the infiltration of Jihadi elements in JNUSU is complete. Sharjeel Imam considered the architect of the Shaleen Bagh protests had urged Muslims to gather at 'Chickens Neck' (Siliguri Corridor) and cut-off North-East from rest of India. Cases were filed against him for his comments with government of Assam taking the matter seriously.
Now, few hitherto unknown JNUSU representatives have come forward and called for a protest march in support of Sharjeel Imam today i.e January 27th inside JNU. The poster declaring the protest march in JNU calls to 'Revoke all cases against him immediately' and 'Reject silencing Muslim discent by sedition'. The march is scheduled at 9PM today from Ganga to Sabarmati hostels inside the campus.
The poster is signed by Afreen Fatima and Farhat Salim (Councillors, JNUSU), Assam Study Circle, Bahujan Sahitya Sangh, BAPSA, CRJD, DSU, Eqbal Ahmad Study Circle, Fraternity Movement, Hasratein, Hundred Flowers Group, MSF, NESF, SIO, YFDA. Afreen Fatima, one of the organisers of the protest march had yesterday tweeted that she will support Sharjeel Imam in his anti-National comments and would stand together with him. She had also tweeted that sedition cases against him was a case of Islamophobia.
Interestingly, most of the organisations mentioned have not come out in support of Sharjeel Imam or his comments. The two councilors mentioned were unknown till date and the validity of the claim of support from the organisations mentioned is in doubt.