"We'll cut 'Northeast' from rest of India, use Kanhaiya Kumar to instigate people” 'The Wire' columnist's anti-national rant exposes the agenda behind anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh protests

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The anti-Hindu and anti-National nature of the protests against CAA have already been exposed. Now, the true intent behind the Shaheen Bagh protests against CAA has come to the fore. There are already allegations of protesters being paid to come to the venue. Islamists who have hijacked the Shaheen Bagh protests are openly advocating breaking up of India.
In a video that has gone viral, Sharjeel Imam, a PhD student at JNU is heard saying that it is the responsibility of the 'community' to cut off Assam. Seen as the mastermind of the Shaheen Bagh protests, Sharjeel then calls for a movement of 5 lakh Muslims to block Northeast India from rest of the country.
His intent becomes clear when he says that the objection is not really about the CAA but the so-called betrayal from 70 years. The open call for breaking India and calling for cutting off North-East has angered many with calls for his arrest and prosecution. It has now been revealed that Sharjeel had written articles in the far-left rag The Wire where he propositions that Jinnah be absolved of his crimes of splitting the nation.
The bonhomie between the Islamists and the Tukde-Tukde gang was exposed when the same Sharjeel says that to cut-off North-East from the rest of the country, they will employ the services of Kanhaiya Kumar and his ilk. He is heard saying, "We will cut the Chicken neck of India so that the Indian Army will not be able to reach Assam. We will use Kanhaiya Kumar to instigate people living in Chicken neck area".
The Siliguri corridor is called the Chicken neck of India which connects Northeast India to rest of India. The narrow corridor is a stretch of land of about 22 kilometers located in West Bengal. It connects India's northeastern states to the rest of India, with the Nepal and Bangladesh lying on either side of the corridor.
The corridor is extremely important for India because the rail and road networks towards the North East through it. This allows our armed forces posted in the North East to quickly reach the stretch should a conflict arise between India and China in the region. If, however, China is able to block off the corridor this will isolate the North East and will cut off the supplies and reinforcements reaching that area. There is no sea route as the North East is completely land-locked. Limited provisions can reach the region if India uses only aircrafts. 

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It is in this context, the statement made at Shaheen Bagh protests by Islamists becomes important. Hence, questions have been raised about who are behind these elements who want to break India. Experts are calling for the home ministry to subject such speakers to investigation and reveal the anti-India and foreign forces who are instigating them.