Former AMU student union president threatens to destroy India during anti-CAA protest
Faizul Hasan, the former AMU student union president said that if people of his community are angered or provoked they will destroy India.
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Anti-national slogans, slogans that indicate Islamic supremacy, blatantly anti-Hindu cries have been part of many anti-CAA protests in several parts of the country. Going a step ahead, a anti-CAA protest leader has threatened that Muslims can destroy India if they wish so if CAA is not repealed.
Faizul Hasan, the former AMU student union president, while delivering a speech on CAA on January 21 in Aligarh where he was heard provoking the crowd and also making several offensive remarks against HM Amit Shah, OpIndia has reported
Hasan said: “If you want to see patience then look at the Muslims of India. From the year 1947 until now, the Muslims in India have shown a lot of patience”, claimed Hasan, who furthered that if people of his community are angered or provoked they will destroy India", says the OpIndia report.
Further instigating the audience Hasan says, "We never want Hindustan to be broken, otherwise nobody can stop us from doing so. We are from that community if we come to ruin we will not leave any country. We are so angry, but we don’t want to break the country. To save this country, we have fought, given up our lives, so we will always try to save the country. Amit Shah should not do this. On one hand, he is cutting our throats and on the other, he is also threatening us."
Hasan then targets the Home Minister and in a derogatory manner says, “Let Amit Shah argue with our class 12 students. I am sure he will lose to them. Even if he manages to give me five valid points, I will stand with him in support of CAA. However, we have at least 50 points against the CAA-NRC. Tomorrow when BJP is ousted from power, he (Amit Shah) will be the first to be expelled from the country".
FIR Registered against Hasan 
The video of his speech went viral and many people had complained to the UP police too. Taking cognizance of the communal statements, an FIR has been registered against Faizul Hasan under section 153 (a) of the IPC.
Aligarh SSP Akash Kulhari informed that the FIR was registered against Hasan for his statements that can disturb peace in the society.