Hindu residents denied drinking water for supporting CAA in Malappuram: Seva Bharati extends helping hand as Islamist-Communist nexus targets CAA supporters

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The Hindu residents of a colony were denied drinking water for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Kuttipuram, Malappuram district.
According to the sources, the person who used to supply drinking water for the colony, dominated by Hindu residents, stopped his service after some of the residents announced their support for CAA on online and other platforms.
As soon as the news spread, Seva Bharati volunteers came to the rescue of the residents and supplied drinking water to all households. The organisation has made a parallel arrangement to restore the drinking water supply in the area.
Meanwhile, the incident has sparked widespread anger among people. The recent incidents clearly indicate that the protests in the name of CAA have been escalating into religious conflicts in various parts of Kerala. The radical Islamist outfits, hand in glove with Communists, are spreading outright lies about the Citizenship Amendment Act in Kerala, indenting to trigger panic among Muslims in the state.
Independent observers suggest that the malicious propaganda of Leftists and Jihadis has nearly destroyed the communal fabric of the state as frenzied Muslims openly call for a boycott of Hindus who support the Citizenship Amendment Act across the state.