Critical care doctor hounded out of hospital in Kerala by online lynch mob of Jihadis for supporting CAA
Dr. Vyas was forced to resign by the Hospital management which capitulated to the threats from online syndicate of Jihadis who are out to target anyone supporting CAA and PM Modi.
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Communists and Jihadis are not only targeting anyone supporting CAA and PM Modi on ground but also online. Close on the heels of Dr. Ranjit Vijayahari, a doctor in Trivandrum, having been targeted for expressing views against Rahul Gandhi and supporting CAA, another doctor from Kerala has been hounded by a online lynch mob and forced him to quite his hospital and city. The deplorable hounding of doctor by online mob of Jihadis was reported by the doctor himself on Twitter.
Dr Vyas Vishwanathan, Emergency and Critical care doctor from Palakkad is the victim of the online lynch mob. Dr. Vyas was serving at a hospital in Palakkad in a important role as the hospital was already short of staff. His work was lauded by both the hospital and the patients, irrespective of religion. Yet, his support for CAA and Modi government was his undoing. Ever since he started to express his support for the CAA, this online lynch mob of Jihadi Muslims started to target him.
His tweets were taken out of context, false claims were made about him and his work and reported to the hospital management. When the reports started coming regularly, the hospital management chickened out and asked him to resign. He was forced to move out when he was attending to patients in the ICU. After exiting the hospital, he left the city with his possessions as his colleagues and patients were shocked to hear about his sudden exit. Below is his narration of the sequence of events, compiled from his tweets. 

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"In April I moved to Palakkad Kerala from Delhi since I was offered a new job in a brand new hospital! My fathers ancestry is in Palakkad and my parents were overjoyed that after several of our generations who left Palakkad ages ago, I’ll be the one returning!
Palakkad residents earlier had only two choices as far as healthcare was concerned One was to go to Coimbatore or go to Thrissur. This hospital was created so the healthcare needs of the local residents can be met! Work was tiring as we faced an acute shortage of doctors and the hospital still does! Having worked in emergency medicine I was placed in critical care/ICU.
Personally I have been very opinionated. So when the anti CAA protests broke out I was very vocal on twitter with regard to my support for the CAA bill! Like any citizen living in a country plagued by terrorism which had illegal migrants infiltrating through our porous borders I supported the move to weed them out!
During such an argument on twitter my personal details, with regard to where I worked, my name, designation was revealed by handle a handle called @yehlog and overnight I was labelled as someone who’s baying for Muslim genocide! Which is ironic as with evidence I have enough tweets to prove I’ve stood by minorities in times where they were discriminated! The management received “concerned” emails that there is a genocidal bigoted doctor who can compromise the health of a Muslim patient. 

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The management felt that I’ve caused them a significant amount of disrepute on account of my tweets (where I’ve not mentioned any religion and have only asked for the removal of illegal immigrants) , and asked that I resign within 24hrs. You can’t fit your home in three suitcases. So within three hours I’ve left behind a significant amount of my possessions at a significant financial loss, leaving the city of my forefathers like a thief responsible for a crime he didn’t commit!
The news of my sacking has reached those who wanted it, with false claims and they’re now celebrating online! But the one who lost, was actually the institution and the native population! In an already short staffed hospital, w, one hardworking doctor was asked to leave. I left wordlessly unable to take calls from my colleagues who were shocked and saddened at my sudden departure! And the befitting irony is, having supported the Indian government on removing illegal immigrants, I had to leave the city of my forefathers, rendered homeless in 24hrs.
I left the ICU midway with three critical patients, deactivated my twitter account not out of cowardice but out of personal safety (as some handles have openly been revealing my name and location). But I’ve attached tweets where I’ve spoken in favour of the very minorities.

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Now a core Warning: I’m not sure about being guilty of a genocidal fascist, but I am certainly guilty of being very naive. Naive to think that being opinionated is harmless. There are outfits which track down doctors who are politically opinionated, support the government and in SM make horrendous accusations against them. I’m not the first victim and I may not be the last!
That being said since they’re so keen on exposing hard working professionals, putting their lives in peril. It’s about time we started exposing their real identities and intent! Some stories have to be told, some silences have to be broken. Our fight has just begun! Jai Hind!"
Another doctor, Dr. Ranjit Vijayahari, a Gastro-enterologist who runs a clinic in Trivandrum was targeted by Jihadis for his views on CAA and his association with RSS. The doctor narrated his experience on Twitter last week which was reported by Organiser. He tweeted that he had served people of all religions as a member of Seva Bharati but now his practice is being targeted by Jihadi elements for supporting CAA.

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In both these cases of Dr. Vyas and Dr. Ranjit, it is evident that there is a organised gang working to target such doctors and professionals who support CAA, PM Modi or RSS and put their jobs and career in jeopardy. This was clear from the account of one Muhammad Shaffi, a online Jihadi, who had declared that he was compiling a list of those doctors who '...have been clearly fascists in their words.' It was this account which clearly targeted Dr. Ranjit along with others. It seems that the Jihadi lynchmob has set upon the task of hounding anyone who does not agree with them as they do on ground too.
Kerala is a den of Jihadis was always known but it is slowly turning into a quagmire for anyone to even execute their duties without having an opinion or a view that is contrary to the views of the Communists and the Jihadi Muslims. Many netizens have urged the central government to come in support of all such people who have been unfairly targeted by the communists or Jihadists in Kerala.