Organiser had exposed DMK and EVR Naicker's Hindu hatred soon after the Salem incident in 1971; Congress was hand in glove and supported DMK
Demonstrators against the anti-Hindu rally reported that only Jana Sangh and RSS volunteers were in the forefront of the demonstration. No other party took part in the agitation fearing perhaps that they will be called communal.
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Rajinikanth comment exposing the anti-Hindu attitude of DMK and its ideological mentor EVR Naicker has stung the party and its supporters. Organiser had reported on Jan 22nd as to how DMK fears the electoral impact of Rajini's comments which exposed its anti-Hindu antecedents. Speaking about an incident in Salem in 1971, Rajinikanth in his speech had said how EVR Naicker aka Periyar had taken out a procession with derogatory images of Hindu gods in 1971 and had people throw chappals at them. 
While some DMK supporters denied the incident itself, spokespersons of the party said that it was a personal rally of Periyar and had nothing to do with DMK in an attempt to save itself from the backlash. However, the truth seems to be that DMK leaders and cadres actively supported and participated in the 1971 Salem anti-Hindu rally of Periyar.
Organiser had exposed Periyar's Hinduphobic rally in 1971 

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In a bid to send a message against idol worship, EVR had organised a rally in January 1971 in Salem where derogatory images of Hindu gods Rama, Sita, Lakshmana were taken out. He then made people hit the images with chappals. This entire incident and its purpose was exposed by the Organiser in 1971 itself.
Organiser issue dated February 6, 1971 carried an article titled "Indira's Hordes Heap Insults On Hindu Gods"on its cover page which narrated the incident and the purpose behind it. "What Ravana could not do a few thousand years ago, Mrs. Indira Gandhi's government has permitted in the year 1971", says the article. Mentioning the incident it says, "This ugly sin was perpetrated by EV Ramaswamy Naicker, the 90-year old political guru of DMK, in full view of the police. Naicker's reason: "It is no sin to abduct another man's wife. Why did the Lord fight to recover Sita?""
"Naicker and his pagan hordes were organised under the somewhat pompous label 'Superstition Eradication Conference'. The superstition that bothered the old man who took a teenager girl as wife some years ago formed the subject of a resolution. The conference demanded Indira govt. at the centre that it should amend the Indian Penal Code to delete the crime of coveting another man's wife. The conference also declared that there was no such thing as Hindu religion. It may be recalled that 'Naicker' who ironically enough continues to use the name "Ramaswamy" has been waging a war against Ramayana for decades", mentions the article.
Congress complicit in the anti-Hindu rally
The article goes on to quote a report from The Hindu dated January 26 which gave the details of the obscene tableaux depicting Hindu mythological figures and gods and how the police simply stood as bystanders and did nothing to stop the procession.
"The DK processionists led by Naicker were challenged by 500 Hindu youth who demonstrated against the outrage with black flags, but the police just watched, obviously under instructions from the state government. Till the time of going to the press, the Centre had to intervened either."
Tamil Nadu was under President's rule during that time with Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi at the Centre.
Indira Gandhi and Congress defended DMK 

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In another article dated March 6th, 1971 Organiser had exposed how Indira Gandhi and Congress had defended the DMK and EVR in their persistent anti-Hindu attitude, programs and rallies.
"Despite the public outcry against the sacrilege committed against Hindu gods and goddesses at Salem, Mrs Indira Gandhi has refused to condemn the incident or intervene in the matter", says the article. "Throughout her speeches during the period she has come out of her way to give a clean chit to the DMK, whose forbears, the DK, perpetrated the sin in full view of terrified, God-fearing populace of the city. The union government has even refused to seek a report of the incident from its various agencies to find out who is guilty and ask the DMK government to move in the matter to assuage the feelings of the devotees", charges the piece.
The article further says that India Gandhi did nothing about the incident as she could not disown him due to political compulsions. "Reports from Madras assert that it is too late in the day for Mr Karunanidhi or Mrs Gandhi to disown the DK leader EVR Naicker. Mr Karunanidhi had unveiled a statue of Naicker in May 1969 at Dharampur and had publicly acknowledged then that the DMK came to power only on account of their 'political guru' Naicker.'"
Much as Mrs. Gandhi is keen to give a clean chit to the DML government for political reasons, Organiser learns on reliable authority that the offensive provocation was organised with the full knowledge of the Karunanidhi Government, now an ally of Mrs.Indira Gandhi.", says the article. Organiser had learned that the 'show' was duly announced in the Dravida Kazhagham mouthpiece 'Daily Viduthala' ten days before the occurrence and also that these offensive scenes will form part of the procession.
The article says that the volunteers of the Tamil Nadu Hindu Temples Protection Committee had then immediately contacted the Collector and Superintendent of Police of Salem and drawn their attention to what was cooking. It is on record that a written memorandum on the subject was submitted to them, demanding a ban on the procession. It was only after unconcealed indifference of the authorities became known that the Committee decided to organise a counter demonstration in front of the office of the SP. It is a known fact that there was a clash between the two sides, mentions the piece.
Insult to Hindu Gods and complicity of the administration 

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In another piece in its March 6th issue, Organiser provided the details of rally itself which was authored by a participant in the demonstration against the DK rally. The details he provided is as below:
The affront to the Hindu Gods by the DK and DMK hordes at Salem was one of the worst outrages on Hindu sentiments in recent times. As one of the participants in the demonstrations against the EVR procession, I would like to add the following to the front-page report in Organiser (Feb 6).
1. The processionists carried with them dangerous and harmful weapons before the very eyes of the police and they threatened the protesting demonstrators by waving the weapons near and around their necks. This naked action of aggression by the processionists against peaceful demonstrators was not taken notice of by the police.
2. The carrying of weapons by EVR men was known to the police long before the start of the procession.
3. The processionists were drunk and this was known to the police. Prohibition laws were flagrantly violated.
4. The collector was present on the occasion. He was a silent spectator. The SP was also present. He was also another deaf and mute spectator.
5. There were more DMK than DK volunteers in the procession.
6. It is reported that the SP himself once presided over a function under the auspices of the Rationalists Forum which is the mother of DMK. Hence people feel that the SP who takes part in such activities cannot be expected to take any action against EVR and his followers.
7. Even the least advance or movement by the protesters might have caused a calamity. But the black flag demonstrators were courageous to teh last. Instead of marching on, the processionists, remained standing in front of the demonstrators for more than 45 minutes. The police officials were very obliging to the followers of the old man (Periyar).
8. I must mention that only Jana Sangh and RSS volunteers were in the forefront of the protest demonstration. No other party took part in the agitation fearing perhaps that they will be called communal.
9. Even the Muslims felt upset over the EVR episode.
10. The Salem episode must be condemned in each and every village of Bharat. Since the DMK people were behind it and Shrimati Indira supports DMK, this unholy alliance will not only be bad on the election eve but will cut and erode into the very base of the traditions and culture of our holy nation.