Dalit man set on fire by a Muslim mob in Madhya Pradesh - Angry mob of neighboring Muslims also beat up the family members

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24 year old Dhanprasad Ahirwar was set on fire by Muslim neighbours in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district
In a incident reported in January 18th, a 24-year-old Dalit man was set on fire in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. The victim Dhanprasad Ahirwar was accosted by Muslims some of whom were his neighbors. Four accused Chhuttu, Ajju Pathan, Kallu and Irfan have been named and three have been arrested, reports Bhaskar. The families of Dhanprasad and the neighboring Muslims had an altercation over the children after which a mob returned and tried to burn him alive.
The incident occurred in the Motinagar police station limits of Sagar district. Dhanprasad has sustained 60% burn injuries and is in critical condition. He has now been receiving treatment at BMC Bhopal hospital.
 The family members of Dhanprasad were also beaten up by the Muslim mob as they set him on fire by pouring kerosene. It has been reported that the accused were harassing Dhanprasad and his family for many days to settle a dispute over some children of the Muslims. Dhanprasad had reported to the local police about the harassment but no action was taken to protect him says Bhaskar report.
Sagar BJP MLA Shailendra Jain has accused the Motinagar police of inaction. He said that there was a dispute between the two sides several days ago but police did not take it seriously. The criminals are fearless as the law and order has deteriorated in the state he alleged.
State BJP Chief Madhya Pradesh Rakesh Singh has alleged that more people were involved in the case but police not taking any action against them due to political reasons. Addressing a press conference, he said that though 15 to 20 people had attacked Dhanprasad, only a handful have been arrested only to shield the other accused. This said that this case of burning of a dalit man by a Muslim mob is due to the appeasement and vote bank politics of the Congress in the state.