Exams, Not End Game

Pariksha ki Baat PMke Saath

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-Suhani Kumar
Exam season has rolled around again and students’ stress metres are at an all-time high. Locked in their rooms, trying to cram for exams that will determine their life. Yes, the  pressure is on – surrounding and suffocating like an ocean. Trading the desires to learn for the sake of learning for cramming instead, all in order to avoid the seismic tsunami that will befall them if their marks aren’t up to standard. These students, who have their own goals and aspirations and dreams, are forced to toil and shed blood, sweat and tears chasing degrees that mean nothing to them. Understandably, this weight takes its toll on students in the form of sadness, anger, hopelessness and in extreme cases, depression and suicide.

But how does this reality come to pass? An important factor that one would be quick to assume would be their backgrounds. It is not uncommon to find strict parents across Indian society, particularly in the field of academics. As if stress at home wasn’t enough, students are exposed to more in school. The fear of expectations and competition among your peers has a tendency to feed insecurity and anxiety. It doesn’t even end here!. Some aren’t able to manage their stress and as of 2019, “the death toll on grounds of failure in exams is the highest”. Pressure leads to fear and panic which leads to poor performance (because of lack of confidence and/or relaxation), finally culminating in severe sadness. When you are told to pursue that which you don’t wish and all your talents and passion all ignored to cram for an exam. As an 11th grader, I am well aware of these tumultuous emotions as I experience  them on a daily basis. If only there were credible, internal assessments that test comprehension and application. If there were reliable teachers whose tests would be dependable, maybe there wouldn’t be such a hype on  the one, single exam.

It would reduce the pressure and thus allow the students to breathe a bit easier. Results will follow only by putting your best foot forward. And I know it’s hard, believe me, but to excel you must be relaxed. Fellow students, when was the last time you relaxed? When did you bask in the stillness in the fast paced times of today? I understand that these exams have a lot of weight to them. But all you need to do is give the exam your best shot and the results will follow. Sometimes, it’s refreshing and beneficial to take breaks after a long day and parents should respect that. 11th and 12th grades are years that are never going to return. You should learn how to take risks and delve into the vast well of knowledge for the sake of satisfying your curiosity.

Besides, the world doesn’t have a shortage of jobs in various fields! Your world is not restricted to engineering, STEM or accounting. There is something for everybody, all you (both parents and students) need to do is keep your ears, eyes, mind and heart open to new possibilities and opportunities. I know that these exams are extremely important. But they aren’t the end of the world. You’re alive and you’re okay. That should be enough.