Another success for central govt in North-East - Signs truce pact with Bodo insurgent group NDFB-S as it suspends operations and joins peace process

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B Saoraigwra, NDFB(S) President (2nd from left), mediator Thulunga Basumatary (extreme left), NDFB(S) general secretary BR Ferrenga (2nd from right) and mediator Rajkumar Prithviraj Narayan Dev Mech.
(Image credit – Northeast Now)
In yet another major peace initiative in the North-East, the Central Government has signed a suspension of operations agreement with the National Democratic Front of Bodoland-Saoraigwra (NDFB-S) on 17th January, 2020. With this, most of the members of the NDFB-S along with their family members have joined the mainstream leaving a uncertain life and indulging in insurgent activities.
Announcing the successful pact, Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said that Saoraigwra B, Chief of NDFB-S, General Secretary BR Ferenga, Finance Secretary B Dwmwilu along with 27 other cadres have joined the peace process and come to the mainstream life.
The DGP also informed that they since they have come with their families, they have been shifted to safer locations. Only a handful of NDFB members remain outside the peace process. For those who continue to involve in insurgent activities, we appeal everyone to return to the mainstream urged DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta.
Last week, it was expected that large number of cadres of Saoraigwra faction of NDF would join the mainstream peace process. Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) President and chief Hagrama Mohilary had sought government permission to talk to the rebel leaders of NDFB-S. After the peace parlays, it was confirmed that the leaders and cadres of the group will be joining the peace process after signing the truce pact.
All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) and Assam’s social welfare minister, Parmilla Rani Brahma welcomed the peace move. ABSU general secretary Lawrence Islary said that this is a welcome move and peace will get a chance.