Ram Mahotsava Programmes by VHP in March-April
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 Shri Milind Parande talking to media
Coimbatore: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is going to organise Ram Mahaotsav programmes including Rath Yatras and big congregations up to village level in March and April. The announcement to this effect was made by VHP general secretary Shri Milind Parande on January 4.
In a statement, he hoped that after the Supreme Court has established the historical truth of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, the VHP is assured that the central government would form a proper trust within the stipulated time for re-construction of a grand Shri Ram temple at the Janmabhoomi.
Shri Parande said the VHP is making plans for organisational expansion throughout Bharat. “We have organisational units all over the world in 29 countries and 60,000 places in the country with a membership (Hitchintak) of over 30 lakhs. VHP runs over one lakh service projects in the field of health, education, women empowerment, skill development etc. So, in the two-day meeting held in Coimbatore, we have planned for the organisation and service projects expansion in South Tamil Nadu. VHP will be working actively to stop rampant religious conversion activities of Christian missionaries in Tamil Nadu,” he said.
Shri Parande said the Citizenship Amendment Act has corrected the historical wrongs that have been done at the time of Partition of Bharat. He said the attack on Shri Nankana Saheb in Pakistan by a Muslim mob as well as the abduction of the daughter of the Granthi is a burning example of the atrocities against the Hindu–Sikh minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is important that the attack has come right after the Friday prayers in the mosque. VHP condemns this attack and appeals to the Central Government and UNHRC to take cognizance of this attack and pressurise the Pakistani government to mend its ways and return the Sikh girl. As this act deals especially with the effects of Partition of Bharat only it does not deal with the problem of Sri Lankan Hindus. A separate act will be needed for them.
Shri Parande also pointed out that the VHP will agitate at national level against the anti-Hindu policies of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana govts. The illegal take over and distribution of lands of temples, employment and involvement of non-Hindus in Hindu temple administration and employment in Tirupati and Srisailam, payment of Maulvis and pastors from the taxpayers’ money, the wholesale appointment of Christians only in government jobs is not only anti-Hindu but also unconstitutional and illegal.