Hindutva Offers Solution to All the Problems
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From left Dr Ravikant Mishra, Dr Krishna Gopal, Shri Lokesh Chandra,
Shri J. Nandakumar and Shri Prafulla Ketkar releasing the book in New Delhi 
New Delhi: Hindutva is the name of the liberty, wisdom and strength to raise independent questions. The absence of liberty to raise questions is non-Hindutva. Different ways of worship and sects flourished in India with full liberty. It happened because of the spiritual feeling,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal while releasing a book, ‘Hindutva for the Changing Times’, written by national convener of Prajna Pravah Shri J. Nandakumar on January 2. The function was presided over by former chairman of ICCR Dr Lokesh Chandra.
He said the term Hindutva came into use from the 7th-8th century because Bharat in those days was witnessing the invasions of highly intolerant people. At that time the society, sects, etc. realised that the invasion was against all of them and they united in the name of Hindutva to protect themselves. It was necessary because the invaders entered India after forcefully eliminating various sects and communities in other countries. By the 11th and 12th centuries Hindutva was popular all over the country.
Shri Krishna Gopal further said that what connects all the people in Bharat despite so much diversity of dress, food, climate, languages, etc is spirituality. Even an illiterate person living in a very remote area knows the basics of the dharma or the duties. He knows anyone knocking the door should not go back hungry. This spiritual philosophy of Bharat provides the solution to all the problems that the people in the world are facing.
Shri J. Nandakumar said there are deliberate attempts to defame the word Hindutva and Hindus. He said the ‘breaking brigade’ is trying to push the nation into civil war. Hindutva does not Hindus alone. Hindus are facing grave threats in West Bengal and Kerala. West Bengal is passing through a major social change. He alleged that those who are instigating violence in the name of NRC and CAA are the trained intellectuals of Kerala What has been written in the book ‘Hindutva for the Changing Times’ is based on the facts. The book was introduced by Organiser editor Shri Prafulla Ketkar. Dr Ravikant Mishra from NMML was also present.