JNU attack and ‘Quam-Red’ propaganda
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Ganesh Puthur
Massive violence erupted inside the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University on 5th January by a masked mob aided by leftists. The goons armed with iron rods were seen vandalising hostels and attacking students mercilessly. Karyakartas of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) were systematically targeted and assaulted for their opposition towards the Jungle Raj of the Left Unity inside JNU. Without even properly investigating gravity of the unfolded events and identifying the real culprits, ‘liberal’ media houses were quick to blame ABVP for the violence. Mainstream media and their digital counterparts replicated the Jamia model where violent Jihadi protesters were glorified while vilifying security personnel.
The left terror inside the campus aided by faculties is not a new phenomenon to JNU. As an ideological citadel for Marxism and Maoism the notion of physically attacking the opponents is an accepted norm, replicating the model followed by Student Federation of India (SFI) in Kerala. Workers of ABVP were ruthlessly attacked by a mob of SFI hooligans in Kerala Varma College (Thrissur) for organising a pro-CAA talk within the campus. Multiple examples of such violence on students by SFI can be cited from Kerala and ironically the same organisation has ‘liberty’ written on their flag. Violently attacking opponent student organisations and later playing victim-card has been a favourite strategy of left-wing student organisations. Since certain media houses ‘infected with communism’ are always available for spreading propaganda and fake news for the left, this ‘business of revolution’ could roll further.
The Violent attack on ABVP karyakartas inside JNU didn’t happen all of a sudden. The university has been on paralysis for several months following protests over room rent hike. JNU administration couldn’t even conduct semester examination which was supposed to be held in December. They had to shift to a Whatsapp model examination where students were sent question papers online and were given a fixed date to submit answers. Things became more complex when the administration asked students to do semester registration from January 1-5 with an updated fee structure. Protesters led by the unruly JNU Students’ Union with the support of left-wing Professors tried to sabotage the entire registration process from the very beginning.
Leftists barged into the CIS (Communication and Information Services) hall and disrupted the wi-fi services within the campus on 3rd January. After restoring the system on 4th January, thousands of students successfully did their semester registration by paying the newly issued room rents. Assuming the failure of their protest, leftists again damaged optical fibres and hence stalled the registration process. Agitating students attacked those students who stood for the restoration of semester registration. Left-wing student organisations fail to realise that with prolonged semesters the pressure will be on final year students since they would be unable to complete their courses on the stipulated timeframe.
Many group-chat screenshots are making its rounds on social media which establishes the link of leftists with the violence. Students of other universities were seen giving instructions on the modus operandi to target ABVP workers. By simply looking at the way assault happened inside JNU it can be undoubtedly said that the offensive was previously planned. First, they disconnected internet services, created fury, attacked ABVP workers and finally the JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh released a video crying victimhood. It is astonishing to see media accusing ABVP of wrongdoings when its Karyakartas are systematically targeted. Opposition political parties were quick to jump the gun sensing a political opportunity to score brownie points over BJP and Central government. Some of the opposition leaders even visited injured leftist students in hospitals, at the same time they ignored 25 odd ABVP karyakartas who were assaulted inside the campus and were undergoing medication. After failing to fool the public on CAA, NRC and NPR, it is crystal clear that these leaders want to mislead the general public with fake news that the attackers belong to ABVP. But unfortunately for them, new shreds of evidence emerging from JNU points the finger directly at the leftists for whom violence is an instrument to survive.
Vested interest among opposition political parties could be understood. But why is media so desperate to trap ABVP in the violence? The trend was visible post-2014 that the liberal lobby and the Khan Market gang conspire to frame right-wing outfits in any mischievous acts. It goes on like idealization of anti-national forces and illogical criticisms of central government and BJP itself. Maybe the frustration of media houses due to its declining status in Lutyens Delhi’s power corridor is responsible for their anger towards the right-wing. Without knowing the story in its entirety certain Bollywood ‘stars’ have also pledged their support to the ‘leftist students’, again becoming laughing stock after their flip flop on CAA.
Leftists have converted JNU to a hub for organising anti-national activities. Being a university heavily funded by the state, the government should intervene in the affairs of the university. Dissent is essential for the survival of any democracy. But what happens in the name of dissent in JNU is extreme violence and arrogance of the left. Now they have resorted to mob violence and the involvement of Jihadi organisations cannot be ruled out. It is a known fact that liberty for leftists is mere tokenism. Anyone who dares to speak against the left hegemony is still haunted in the academic spaces since their dominance is strong even today. This is also high time for the public to be aware of this kind of false propaganda of leftists and to unite against the use of universities for creating terror.
(The writer is a Masters student at Hyderabad Central University)