Delhi Police investigation corroborates that Left students perpetrated the violence in JNU
Images of Chunchun Kumar (AISA), Pankaj Mishra, Aishe Ghosh (SFI, JNUSU President), Sucheta Talukdar (AISA), Dolan Samanta (AISA), Vijay Bhaskar, Priya Ranjan captured in the CCTV footage help Delhi Police ascertain their involvement.

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The typical Communist ploy of perpetrating the violence themselves and later playing victim, has been proved by the Delhi Police investigation. The Left students at JNU who themselves perpetrated the violence tried to play victim later using some Bollywood stars do the PR for them. Delhi Police investigation over the JNU violence earlier this month, has prima facie found involvement of several Left Student Union leaders in the violence.
In a press conference by the DCP of Crime Branch held in the evening today, Delhi Police revealed that it was JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh who led the violent mob of masked goons who attacked students at the Periyar Hostel on 4th January. Crime Branch DCP, in the press conference said that the Left students in the JNUSU and other component organisations like AISA, AISF, SFI and DSF deliberately destroyed the server room to incapacitate the CCTV network.
The Delhi police also showed images from CCTV footage which corroborate their investigation. Apart from Aishe Ghosh, Left student Priya Ranjan of School of Language was found involved in the violence at Mandvi Hostel. Another image showed by the police was that of AISA activist Chunchun Kumar pelting stones with stick in hand outside the Periyar hostel in JNU.

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Delhi Police investigation has also revealed how after shutdown of server room, the Left goons proceeded to attack students who were demanding resumption of registration for winter semester. Those who were facilitating the registrations of common students were also attacked by the Left corroborates the investigation. Police also asked for witnesses to come forward and submit any primary videographic evidences that they may possess to help them further in their investigation.
The ABVP has said that the police investigation corroborates its stand that it was the Left students who perpetrated the violence right from blocking the server room. ABVP JNU unit President Nidhi Tripathi has said that the Left has a bloodstained history and they have played the bloody game was played in Kerala, Bengal, Bastar etc. and wherever these people are present. These are the same games the Communists have been playing in JNU for decades, she said.
Union Minister Smirit Irani has said that the Left design in JNU stand unmasked and the fact that #LeftBehindJNUViolence becomes public knowledge as Delhi Police releases evidence. "They led mobs of mayhem, destroyed public property paid for by taxpayers, disallowed new students from being enrolled, used the campus as a political battleground.", she said in a Tweet.
Ace actor Ajay Devgn who had called on people not to add fuel to fire by recklessly commenting on the JNU incidents has said that he has always maintained that we should wait for proper facts to emerge. Tweeting after the Delhi Police presser on JNU violence, the actor appealed to everyone to further the spirit of peace and brotherhood and not derail it either consciously or carelessly. 
After the Delhi Police press conference, #LeftBehindJNUViolence was seen trending on Twitter with over 43K tweets on the violence of the Left goons in JNU.