Spirituality Remains a Wonder for the World
From left Shri Prabhat Kumar, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel,
Dr Krishna Gopal, Dr Suryakant Bali and Dr Avajinesh Awasthi releasing the books
New Delhi: “Women saints in Bharat have composed mantras and scholars from different sections of the society wrote the Puranas. There was no discrimination in the social system based on four Varnas. Untouchability is the outcome of Christianity and Islam in India because the objective of the ways of worship was to disintegrate the Hindu society,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal, while releasing two books written by senior journalist Dr Suryakant Bali on August 27. Both the books, Bharat Ki Rajniti ka Uttarayan’ and ‘Bharat ka Dalit Vimarsh’, have been published by Prabhat Prakashan, New Delhi.
Dr Krishna Gopal further said Baliji has written the books with deep insight into the history and with the national perspective. His writings provide us the information to which we are unaware. Despite facing onslaughts of foreign invaders for about 2500 years we did not disconnect from our roots and Indian spirituality remains a wonder for the entire world. The blind imitation of the West that began after Independence is basically the Dakshinayan, which promoted the traditions of cutting cake, cutting ribbon, instead of books displaying crockery in almirah and showed affection towards English.
Union Minister of Culture and Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel said the writings of Baliji foil various misconceptions and provide solid facts about Bharat. He said despite so many onslaughts the young generation is turning to their Bharatiya roots in the country today. Shri Suryakant Bali said spirituality forms the Indian ideology. The degradation that began with slavery in the year 712 should have stopped in 1947 but the policies followed by Pt Nehru did not let it happen. The resurgence in real sense began in 1925 with the formation of the RSS. Dr Avajinesh Awasthi from University of Delhi said both the books by Dr Bali provide wonderful thought for coming generations. n