Unholy nexus between DMK and Communist parties exposed; The Dravidian party funded 25 cr to the Communists before Lok Sabha polls

Among several common issues that drive the Dravidian and Communist parties like their anti-Hindu stand, support for anti-Nationals and separatists, it has now been revealed that they also collude for money. Communists cliam that their expenses are supported by the common people but this claim has proved to be false yet again.
In a report released by Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) it was revealed that for all the hate the Communists show for the corporates, they received crores of rupees from corporate entities over the last 5 years from 2014 to 2019. In another major embarassment for the CPI(M), it has now been revealed that they are also funded by other political parties.
As per the news report on Kathir Times, the expenditure report filed by DMK to the election commission has disclosed that the Dravidian party had funded Rs 10 crore to the CPI(M) and Rs 15 crore to CPI. The money to CPI(M) was transferred in three installments on April 5, 8 and 9 and CPI received its money in two installments, as per the Kathir Times report. The Communists for all their holier-than-thou attitude over poll expenses, the CPI(M) in its affidavit on September 13th has claimed that its expenditure was just Rs 7.2 crore. The CPI still has not submitted its expenditure report to the EC. 

The section of DMK's expenditure report that reveals the party's funding to CPI(M) and CPI
So what exactly happened to the 25 crore rupees that they received from the DMK? ANd why did the DMK fund the Communist parties? These questions are being asked by the people of these three politicla parties and they do not seem to have a proper answer. The DMK has also funded another Dravidian party the Gongu Nadu Democratic Party.
In a routine reply to the media, the CPI(M) has said all the donations and funds the party received during the Lok Sabha elections have been properly recorded in their statements to the Election Commission of India. As expected, they have denied any knowledge about the funds received from DMK and have termed it as 'disinformation designed to discredit the party' in their official statement. The CPI is yet to respond to the allegations.
The DMK which won handsomely in the Lok Sabha polls has not revealed the reason as to why they funded the Communist and other parties. Poll observers say that it may have been to fight the AIADMK and BJP and to drive the votes away from these two parties. The Communist parties who have no much existance in Tamil Nadu, is being used as a 'vote cutter' in the polls, they say.