Shashi Tharoor supports anti-India and Hinduphobic NGO in a bid to spite PM Modi; Terms a staged protest as 'messaging by NRI protestors'
The Thiruvananthapuram MP's support to a anti-Hindu, anti-India NGO raises questions about the preference of the leaders of the Congress party when it comes of India's interests abroad.
The most aggrieved group and one that has been most affected by the humongous success of PM Modi outreach in US, is the Congress and its politicians. In a bid to downplay the success of 'Howdy Modi', Shashi Tharoor has shot himself in the foot again. After erroneously posting a image of Nehru in USSR as one from US, he now claims that a organised protest of a anti-India and anti-Hindu NGO as voice of proud Hindus who are against hijacking of Hinduism by bigots.
The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) which claims to be an 'umbrella organization of progressive groups' in the United States, is a NGO known for its Hinduphobia and has been in support of terrorists and separatists. It is an organisation which has been involved in the witch hunt of Narendra Modi since 2015. The organisation which was likely established in the US only to counter Modi and the BJP, has all its posts on social media targeting Modi, BJP and the RSS. Not one of their posts talk about the cases in Congress ruled states or analyse the statements of Congress leaders in India. None of their posts talk against the injustice to Muslim women or the crimes committed by Muslim men and Islamic terrorists. Their profile photo on Twitter proudly claims '#Stop Hindu FASCISM' and expectedly does not question any crime committed by the Muslims. Its Hinduphobia is pretty evident from its posts and images. The AJA had shamefully called for the boycott of the World Hindu Congress last year, openly displaying its anti-Hindu attitude.
It is this NGO that Congress leader Shashi Tharoor now supports only to spite PM Modi. The protests under the banner of AJA had roped in few gullible Americans and a motley crowd had displayed Hinduphobic and cringe worthy anti-Modi banners. One of the speakers at this so-called protest was Omar Suleiman, a known apologist for Islamic terror. He has been accused of hoodwinking Americans in the name of interfaith dialog and for being anti-Jew. He had also supported the Muslim Brotherhood which has been involved in mass killings and bombings in Egypt and other parts of west Asia.
On September 25th, Shashi Tharoor tweeted few images of the protests by AJA in Houstan and termed is as 'other messaging by NRI protesters' and accused the Indian media of not showing it. It is not known if Shashi Tharoor indeed knew about the shady background of the organisation or was willfully furthering their agenda. If it is the latter, it is indeed shameful. The AJA has used links from the Congress mouthpiece National Herald to spread fake news about Modi and incidents in India. It is hence possible that Tharoor was knowingly in support of this dubious organisation.
The Congress has received a historical drubbing in the 2014 general elections. Their top leaders were not helping the cause with anti-Hindu statements over the last few years and some even openly displaying lack of respect for Hindu sentiments. In 2018, Tharoor had released a book called 'Why I am a Hindu' in an effort to counter the anti-Hindu image of the Congress. The book failed miserably in its intent and all reviews pointed at the lack of research and shallow narrative about Hinduism and Hindutva. The less said the better about the performance of the Congress in the 2019 general elections. It is evident that his attempt to repair the image of the party did not work.
Now, in an apparent swipe to pull down Modi's popularity, it seems that instead of making amends, Tharoor has once again shot himself in the foot, harming both himself and his party.