#HowdyModi event mesmerizes Americans and Indians alike, as Prime Minister Modi elucidates the achievements of India in the last 5 years
- Priyanka & Rajesh Ranjan
While America is asking - Howdy Modi?, Modi answered “everything is fine” in India. He kept on repeating it in multiple Indian languages from Punjabi to Bengali. Through this Modi reinstated the premise that India is a land of diversity. And we value Unity in Diversity.
As a Statesman and as a messenger of 130 crores of Indian, Modi shared the stage with Donald Trump and surprised with his charismatic leadership and marvelous diplomacy.
The whole world was eagerly waiting for Howdy Modi, and Modi took the whole world in a surprise, moment he reaches the USA, by bowing to pick the flower that fell on the ground. Netizens on twitter appreciated Mr. Modi for his humility and simplicity. Netizens have appreciated the leader to practice in true sense what he preaches as Swachh Bharat.
Howdy Modi? It was not an event for Texas or America but it emerged as a festival for the city that united the Indian American on the rhythm of nationality and unity. More than 50000 people gathered in a stadium which is among the highest gathering for any foreign leader in the USA and kept on chanting for India and Modi. It was goosebumps for Indians at the stadium and Indians across the world watching the event on TV, Mobile or on the internet. It was not just “History in Making “ by Arithmetic of crowd but the “Chemistry” of the two largest democracy of the world sharing the same dream.
When Trump started addressing the crowd, he laid the foundation of similarity that two nations share in terms of priorities, constitution and inherent belief system for people, freethinking and free enterprise. Recognizing Indians for their contribution in the fields of Medicine, Technology, and others for the greater good of America was the testament to the fact that Indians have left their imprint on the whole world.
When Modi came back to the stage to address, the crowd was electrifying with the Charisma of Indian Prime Minister. As a Pradhan Sevak, he represented India to let the world know, how India progressed in recent decades under his leadership and now the country is no more deprived of basic amenities. Today, India is not postponing challenges, it is fighting it head on. India is not working on small incremental changes, but on complete solutions. We are realizing the impossible.”

It was a moment of pride for all of us to know that India has achieved a lot in rural sanitation, cooking gas accessibility, rural road connectivity and others in the last 5 years which remained as rhetoric for past governments. Modi’s “New India” vision is not only about “Ease of doing Business” but also “Ease of Living”.
Modi positioned India and the Indian market as a most preferred business destination in evolving business dynamics by reinstating the paramount importance of data in the current century, conveying the world about the effective cost economics of data in India. Modi has set the vision for Indian across the globe for the progress and growth of our own country.
Modi set the stage for joint engagement and deep bilateral transactions and relations between the two largest democracies of the world. Two nations will further engage for deep tie-ups for the greater good of the two-nation, their people and the whole world.
When American President recognizes Radical Islamic Terrorist as a threat to the world and border security and supports Article 370 abrogation from Kashmir, it’s a true win for the diplomacy of India on the Global Stage.
The world saw the humility of Indian Prime Minister, the diplomacy of Prime Minister and a Pradhan Sevak who is committed to putting India to world stage not just as a follower but as a leader when he says “ We are challenging ourselves, we are changing ourselves”.
Long Live Pradhan Sevak Modi !!
(Priyanka is an Engineer and a Art of Living facilitator. Rajesh is a MBA Gold Medalist from IIM, Calcutta)