Artisan in Rajkot paints 'United India' and India's map on earthen wares; Celebrates amendment to Article 370 in a unique gesture

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In a unique gesture celebrating a united India after the amendments were made to Article 370, an artisan in Rajkot district of Gujarat has painted the map of India along with a message 'United India' on the Navratri pottery. By doing this, he is not only endorsing the decision to amend Article 370, but also ensuring that through his artwork the message goes to all parts of the country.
The artisan is selling the earthen wares this Navratri which are in dark magenta color with the message and map of united India painted in white on these vessels. Such a gesture from an artisan in Gujarat shows that people across India irrespective of region are still celebrating, even after 45 days, the amendments to Article 370and complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India in their own ways. This is also a message to the entire country that the unification of India is complete and an incomplete chapter has come to an end.
Mukesh Prajapati, a shopkeeper from Rajkot who initiated this gesture, told ANI that "I have been making and selling these earthen wares from the last 30 years. However, this time my wife gave me the idea to include the message of United India celebrating the removal of Article 370 on the utensils. I want more and more people to buy these types of utensils this season.". He also says that they have 30 to 40 types of designs on different pots and wares.
Painted and adorned in different colors and art works, these earthen pots play a major role in Garba dance in Navratri. The craftsmen who make these utensils decorate them with items like mirrors, pearls, zari and gold buttons, especially every Navratri season.
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