Untouchability does not spare elected MLA in Karnataka; Community's Swamiji intervenes and educates the villagers and resolves the crisis amicably
Efforts of anti-Social and anti-Hindu elements to milk the situation was thwarted after Yadavananda Swamiji solved the issue of untouchability in the village with mutual consent.
Yadavananda Swamiji and MLA Narayanaswamy (seated to the left of Swamiji) met the villagers and solved the issue of entry into the village amicably
An elected representative from the ruling party in the state was not allowed to enter a village in Karnataka due to his caste. However, before the situation got out of hand and unscrupulous elements took advantage of the situation, a prominent Swamiji from the community of the villagers took the lead and educated the residents about the criminality and futility of practicing untouchability in this day and time.
A Narayanaswamy, senior BJP leader and Lok Sabha member from Chitradurga, was denied entry into a village in his own constituency as villagers asked him not to enter as he belonged to a SC community. The BJP MLA had gone to Gollarahatti to talk to the villagers in regard to building houses for the homeless under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a Bengaluru based MNC and a well known hospital on Monday evening. He was accompanied by the representatives of the corporate and the hospital who wished to develop the village and also to build houses for the homeless from their CSR funds.
As the MP reached the village with the delegation, some leaders of the community in the village asked him not to enter the village as he belonged to the SC community. The officials and the Tehsildar accompanying him tried to explain that he is leading a delegation to help the villagers themselves. They were even educated on the penal provisions under the SC/ST atrocities act that could be applied to the villagers who oppose people from entering due to their caste identities. However, the villagers were adamant and did not budge from their stance despite Narayanaswamy's request.
Few hours later, some villagers came forward and said that they do not agree with their village leaders and requested the MLA to enter the village. But Narayanaswamy said that he does not wish to create a division among the villagers themselves and told them that he does not want to enter with the help of police but after a change of heart. He then left the village that day.
The next day, on Tuesday, Yadavananda Swamiji, Head Pontiff of the Yadava Matha in Chitradurga arrived at the village to take stock of the situation. Most of the villagers are adherents of this matha and revere the Swamiji a lot. He spoke to the elders, villagers and educated them about the criminality and futility of following meaningless traditions in the 21st century. He then invited MLA Narayanaswamy to the village and expressed his apology on behalf of the village.
Subsequently, Narayanaswamy and the leaders and elders of the village under the guidance of Swami Yadavananda held discussions and resolved to address any issues amicably.
The intervention of Yadavananda Swamiji not only solved the crisis from going out of hand but also avoided the entry of dubious anti-Social and anti-Hindu elements into the scenario whose interest is only to benefit from such instances. Leaders irrespective of political parties have welcomed the role of Yadavananda Swamiji in resolving the issue. BJP leader and former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar thanked the Swamiji and requested people not to follow unconstitutional practices which have no place in a democratic country.